Sunday, August 23, 2015

This edition's playlist

1) Diana Ross' The Boss.

2) Diana Ross' diana.

3) Diana Ross' Swept Away.

4) Diana Ross' Every Day Is A New Day.

5) Diana Ross' Touch Me In The Morning.

6) Diana Ross' Eaten Alive.

7) Diana Ross' Force Behind The Power.

8) Diana Ross' Diana Ross

9) Diana Ross' Diana Extended: The Remixes.

10)  Diana Ross & the Supremes' Gold. 

And for more on Diana Ross' music, check out:

"Mirror Mirror," "I'm Coming Out," "'Chain Reaction'," "Workin' Overtime," "Swept Away," "Diana Ross' 'Not Over You Yet'," "'Love Hangover'," "surrender," "Diana Ross" and "Where Did Our Love Go"

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