Sunday, August 02, 2015



Reader Bill H e-mailed to ask if Ava and C.I. know Joe Concha at Mediaite?


His August 2nd article, however, appears to indicate Joe knows Ava and C.I.'s work -- specifically "TV: The train wreck known as MSNBC."

Of that piece, reader Jo'el e-mailed to say that she didn't think Ava and C.I. were particular fans of Cenk Uygur?

No, they're not but they believe in credit where credit is due and argue Cenk's show was more in keeping with the supposed goals of a news outlet than anything Rachel Maddow churned out.

Brenda K e-mails to note that she is supporting Hillary Clinton and wants to know if we were sincere about posting a reader's endorsement of a candidate "whether you support them or not?"

Yes, and, Brenda, if you'd bothered to write one of Hillary, it would be posted this edition.

But you didn't, did you?

Several readers e-mailed to ask where our summer fiction edition was?

You know what?

We tried it and we failed.

That's this summer.

We tried it and it failed.

We failed.

The notion of doing one?

We're burying it.

We had one piece that was worth it and we may float it at some point this summer but the reality is our summer read ended in 2014.

We retired our collages when Bully Boy Bush left the White House.

We've retired other features as well.

The summer fiction edition is now one of those retired pieces of the past.

Reader Meagan wants to know when Ava and C.I. will return to covering entertainment programming?

Meagan writes, "I've enjoyed the media reporting they've done this summer and it's important and needed but, honestly, I'm one of the Nick Lachey fans they pissed off years ago with 'TV: Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Reporting for Duty' -- a piece I now love, by the way."

Jose Z is among those noting that some of the community sites -- and even this -- appear in low production mode.

What's up?

Blame it on the summer heat.

Blame it on 10 years plus for many of us.

In the words of John Lennon, we're all doing what we can.

Which is not enough for reader Raymond who states, "If you 'forget' or refuse to do a 'This edition's playlist' again, you've lost me."

We do have one this edition.

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