Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mediaite's Posse Don't Do Media Criticism

But they try and they try, as the Rolling Stones once sang.

media criticism

Today, Evan McMurry demonstrated once again how Mediaite continues to fail at even basic media criticism.

Rushing to hop aboard a non-story, Evan screeched:

On Friday, the Times push-alerted its readers that the Inspector General was opening up a criminal inquiry into whether Clinton discussed classified information on her private, non-=secure server while Secretary of State. This would have constituted a major development in the email story, which until now Clinton had been weathering, and seriously imperiled the frontrunner’s campaign.

First off, the IG does not open up a criminal inquiry.

Nor did The New York Times article claim that it had:

Two inspectors general have asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation into whether Hillary Rodham Clinton mishandled sensitive government information....

As for the report itself, it went through multiple versions.

That's the reality of the online world.

It was once the reality of multiple daily editions.

The real 'controversy' regarding the earlier claim is that the original report was based on information officials at the Justice Dept. had provided the paper with.

The real issue?

Mediaite missed it.

As did whores like Bob Somerby (who recently admitted he wasn't a media critic, just a partisan blogger) and Kevin Drum and David Brock.

Criminal investigation or not, Hillary Clinton stands accused of putting national security at risk due to her asinine decision not to use a government e-mail account while she was Secretary of State.

Somehow that basic point is missed as the strident Somerby and others rush to rescue the idiotic Hillary.

That is what she's accused of and her strident little online boyfriends can screech as much as they want but when you're accused of mishandling classified information it goes to whether or not you're fit to be president.

It is a story and the paper and other outlets need to cover it.

But partisan trash will screech and holler in the hopes that they can scare the media off.

That's not about democracy or media criticism -- it's bullying and intimidation on the behalf of their political crush.

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