Monday, July 13, 2015

Editorial: Do da

The Campptown ladies sing this song,
Doo-da, Doo-da
The Camptown ladies spin all day long
Oh, de doo-da day

You saw it last week when US President Barack Obama gave a speech.


The Camptown ladies rushed out to declare he said he wouldn't be sending more US troops into Iraq.

But was that what he actually said?


Q    As an Army reservist, I'm curious to know if you have any plans to send any more American troops overseas right now, any additional forces.

THE PRESIDENT:  There are no current plans to do so.  That's not something that we currently discussed.  I've always said that I'm going to do what’s necessary to protect the homeland. 

There is a world of distance between 'I will not be sending more troops into Iraq' and 'there are no current plans to do so.'

Leave it to the press to yet again mislead on Iraq.

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