Sunday, May 17, 2015

Editorial: It's almost June

And where's that political solution in Iraq, Barack?

It was June 2014 when US President Barack Obama declared publicly that the only solution to Iraq's crises was "a political solution."

Almost a year later, there's still no political solution.

Even worse, the US government has done damn little to help Iraq reach a political solution.

They've been happy to round up other countries to bomb Iraq or to send military 'trainers' into Iraq.

That really hasn't worked out, has it?

Ramadi just fell to the Islamic State, for example.

Eight airstrikes against targets in over recent hours & US support accelerating. spoke w/PM Abadi, readout to follow 2/2
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That's Brett McGurk making the usual ass of himself.

He's State Dept.

But thinks he's DoD.

Got a real case of Pentagon envy, that Brett.

And those airstrikes he's so thrilled about?

Didn't do a damn thing, did they?

Didn't stop the takeover of Ramadi.

When is the US government going to use diplomacy to assist the Iraqi government in working towards a political solution?

There is no military answer for Iraq.

The root causes have to be dealt with.

But that's not happening.

Next month is the one year anniversary of Barack's statement that only "a political solution" can bring peace to Iraq.

So, one year later, why hasn't the White House done a damn thing to move Iraq towards that political solution?

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