Sunday, April 26, 2015

Why did we turn on Workers World?

In the last weeks, we've repeatedly received e-mails asking why we turned against the website Workers World?

We were never part of Workers World.

They are part of the left.

We are part of the left.

There are many parts of the left.

Overall, we agreed with the issues Workers World raised.

We also don't think that our own opinions are the last word on politics.

So we have happily included Workers World articles over the last years.

That has stopped.

Not because we have turned on Workers World.

It stopped because they altered their existing policy.

When we reposted their article here, reposting was allowed.

All you had to do to repost was include a link to their original piece and the copyright notice at the bottom.

Their policy has changed.

They no longer urge people to repost.

So we no longer repost.

We haven't turned against them and should they change their policy we would gladly return to reposting them.

We think they make important contributions and we were happy to amplify their work.

But, again, they changed their policy and no longer allow reposting.

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