Sunday, April 05, 2015

How sick is Hillary?

That's Hillary Clinton at the United Nations last month.

You know, the visit where she lied that she had to use her personal e-mail account because a Blackberry only let you use one e-mail account and she only carried around her Blackberry?

AP exposed that lie last week, reporting that she also used her iPad.

Poor Cranky.

She can't stop lying.

And you have to wonder how sick she is because of that UN appearance.

No, not for her lie.

For all the make up she wore.

Did no one notice she's practically covered in bronzer -- she seems to have raided George Hamilton's supply.

And the way her cheeks are painted on.

How sick is she?

There are Miss America contestants that wear less make up.

Hillary's e-mails go to another kind of sickness.

Her defenders insist that all the scandals have made her wary and secretive.

As if that's a good thing?

Her defenders insist that Colin Powell did similar things.

When did Colin Powell run for president?

Here's the sick truth her fan cult won't tell.

In 2009, Hillary became Secretary of State with the hope of running for president in 2016.

Despite that being the plan, she intentionally decided not to use a government e-mail account in order to circumvent FOIA requests and the historical record.

Her cult keeps insisting that she didn't do anything illegal.

Did she?

We have no opinion on that.

We do know she did something truly stupid and unethical.

And we know she did that when she was gearing up to run for the presidency.

The presidency requires a higher level of ethics than what Hillary has exhibited.

At some point, her cult might want to face that reality.

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