Sunday, December 07, 2014

Truest statement of the week II

My own guess is that the president and his team were not much listening to the young people in that room. The notion that assembly of politicians, aides, top cops and misleaders like King Rat Sharpton are simply unaware of what cops and prosecutors do every day doesn't pass a laugh test. Obama represented Chicago's south side in the Ilinois state senate. Sharpton cut his teeth on this kind of thing. These guys have been hearing horror stories of police misconduct for longer than some of the young activists have been alive. For their purposes, the day's participants were not much more than props in a production aimed to convince some larger audience that the same president who sent an extra 100 FBI agents to Ferguson MO just before the grand jury decision to gather information on dissenters was still fishing for facts on why there was widespread outrage in the first place.  
-- Bruce A. Dixon, "What Did Young Activists Gain From White House Meeting? What Did the President Get?" (Black Agenda Report).

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