Sunday, November 30, 2014

Editorial: Today, we're all Condi Rice?

Not quite.

But a number of losers and idiots -- Joel Wing among them -- will soon be following in Condi's footsteps and insisting, "No one could have guessed."

Outgoing Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, Chair of the Joint-Chiefs General Martin Dempsey and Pentagon press spokesperson John Kirby acknowledged weeks ago that the Islamic State was adapting to Barack Obama's aerial bombings of Iraq.

It was no surprise.

Similarly, it's no surprise that Iraqis are now beginning to speak out.

No one could have guessed?

From the October 14th Iraq snapshot:

During Nouri al-Maliki's first term as prime minister of Iraq, Turkey began bombing northern Iraq.
They did so with the help of the US government which, among other things, provided 'intelligence.'
For Iraq it wasn't a big deal at first.  By the time Nouri was in his second term, it was.  Iraqis -- not just in the north where the bombings took place -- were outraged by the attacks on their sovereignty and by the civilians being killed in these bombings.
Maybe AFP and others have to lie today because they don't want you to know that Barack's bombings today will soon meet the same fate with Iraqi citizens calling out their 'leaders' who allow the country to be bombed and innocents to be killed.

No one could have guessed?

Anyone could have guessed if they were paying attention.

In Chuck Todd's new book The Stranger: Barack Obama in the White House, the host of Meet The Press argues that Barack dilly-dallies and flip-flops and is unable to come up with concrete plans of action.

He never came up with a plan for Iraq this year.

Despite sending troops in starting in June.

Despite getting feedback.

What he did was decide to start a bombing campaign and pass that off as a plan.

Dropping bombs from the sky is not a plan.

And like his other actions, this one lost any effectiveness it might have had some time ago.

The Islamic State quickly adapted to it.

And today, Rudaw reports, cleric and movement leader Moqtada al-Sadr is calling for an end of US involvement in Iraq.

Moqtada has power because he speaks for the people.  He's not famous for speaking on behalf of Iraqi politicians but he is famous for speaking on behalf of many of the Iraqi people.

Barack's 'plan' hasn't worked and now it may need to be re-routed.

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