Sunday, November 09, 2014

Editorial: Further into Iraq

US President Barack Obama announced Friday he was sending another 1,500 US service members into Iraq.

Mike noted, The Nation magazine had others things to focus on.

As did The Progressive where the hysteric Clarence Lusane was shrieking about the election results.

In These Times was hectoring about "the lesson from the mid-terms."

Iraq was just too much for our so-called liberal media which still can't find it in them to call out Barack Obama.

So Barack gets away with it again.

All the things we supposedly opposed when Bully Boy Bush carried them out are now either applauded or ignored when Barack carries them out.

Did we really mean it, on the left, when we said we were opposed to the Iraq War?

If so, we need to find a voice to object to Barack with.

And all the whores attacking Hillary need to check themselves.

Right now, Iraq is suffering.

If you can't call out Barack Obama, don't think you look strong beating up on Hillary.

You look like the cheap whore you are and you only create sympathy for her.

So call out Barack or shut up about Hillary unless your goal is to see her elected president in 2016.

Instead of reality, we got garbage.

At The Huffington Post, for example, it was fretted that the midterm elections meant more war.


When has Huff Po bothered to lead the cry against all of Barack's wars?

More wars than even Bully Boy Bush carried out.

If Iraq matters, it's past time to hold Barack accountable.

If doing so is too much for you, you probably shouldn't be speaking public or writing opinion pieces.

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