Sunday, October 26, 2014

Aretha's Top Ten Tracks (non-singles)

When it comes to recognizing female artists, Judy takes a pass and, as usual, the real work was left to a strong woman: Aretha.

Aretha Franklin's new album is Aretha Franklin Sings The Great Diva Classics and, as Kat notes, it's a winner.

As Aretha takes time to celebrate the work of her female peers, we compile a list of our top ten album tracks (non-singles only) Aretha's offered over the years.

1) "Dr. Feelgood (Love Is a Serious Business)" (I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You)

2) "Sister From Texas" [Hey Now Hey (The Other Side of the Sky)]

3) "Let It Be" (This Girl's In Love With You)

4) "Loving You Baby" (Sparkle)

5) "Until You Say You Love Me" (Who's Zoomin' Who)

6) "I'll Dip" (A Rose Is Still A Rose)

7) "Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)" (Young, Gifted and Black)

8) "Sweet Bitter Love" (Who's Zoomin Who)

9) "He's The Boy" (Through The Storm)

10) "Integrity" (Who's Zoomin Who)

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