Sunday, September 14, 2014

TV: Barack's Delusional Love Slaves

Beginning in 2008, we realized the Christ-child who couldn't walk on water still had a following -- The Cult of St. Barack.  We documented their delusions, their outright lies and their never-ending whoring.

We watched as the Cult created an online frenzy, a lynch mob which they could deploy at will.

The lynch mob's got smaller if not smarter.

The whores have gotten tired and look haggard.

Take Medea Benjmain who apparently will never leave the bordello.

Everyone's favorite closet Communist and CIA sympathizer fronts CodeStink with gal 'pal' Jodi Evans.  Jodi, of course, was a 2008 bundler for Obama and didn't think she needed to disclose that to CodeStink members or the public.  Medea's the poor relation to Jodi, the Patsy Kelly to Jodi's Tallulah Bankhead -- although we're not saying Medea, like Patsy, dispense 'vaginal massages.'

Then again, we're not saying she doesn't.

There's little she won't do for money or attention.

Which is how she ended up on the CIA-friendly Democracy Now! last Friday.

US President Barack Obama had announced last Wednesday that he was ramping up war on Iraq and that this latest phase would last beyond his second term.

Two days later, slow and tired whore Medea dragged herself over to spin with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.

Asked to "respond to President Obama’s speech and the fact that the vast majority of Americans polled support taking military action in Iraq and Syria?," Medea finger banged her lifeless vag and panted:

I think President Obama has been hounded by the media, by the war hawks in Congress, mostly from the Republican side but also from the Democrats, and is going into this insane not only bombing in Iraq, but also talking about going into Syria, at a time when just a couple of months ago the American people had made it very clear that we were very tired of war.

Yeah, she really said that, the whore said it.

Barack's declared this phase of war against his will, according to Medea.

Those mean old Republicans and some of those mean old Democrats and, of course, the media have forced Barack to do something against his will.

Medea is a carrier who spreads a form of mental gonorrhea every time she opens her mouth.

Gonorrhea, in fact, advanced gonorrhea would go a long way towards explaining her inability to reason or process thoughts logically.

A real peace activist wouldn't be making excuses for Barack.  These excuses make Barack the victim -- not the Iraqi people.

These excuses, lies and cover stories are put out by whores who won't call out Barack and don't want anyone else to.

Medea's no longer just a distraction.  She is part of the War Machine.

A real peace movement would kick the whore out -- all the whores.

Medea couldn't stop revealing what a cheap whore she was.

The (brief) segment was supposed to be about Iraq and Syria but Medea lost all interest in that and began babbling:

Well, the peace movement was really decimated when Obama came in, and has been trying to rebuild ever since. But I think now we have to think of all of us as the peace movement. Now is the time to say, if you’re an environmentalist, you better understand that war is the greatest environmental disaster and the U.S. military is the greatest polluter on the planet. If you care about having money for youth groups or for infrastructure or for green energy, you better understand that sucking money into the military—we’re now paying $7.5 million for just the bombing in Iraq. Imagine if we start going into Syria. We can’t afford this. If you’re people that care about money in politics, this is the time to get out there and say this is part of the subsidy to the military-industrial complex. This is an issue for all of us out there now, and we’ve got to get on the phones, we’ve got to get into the streets, we’ve got to demand town hall meetings, get our representatives and say to them, "We want you to vote on this. That’s your responsibility. And we want you to vote no."

During the long build up this summer to Barack's announcement last week, Medea didn't have time to devote to Iraq.  She busied herself on her pet causes, causes she now wants to pimp and link to Iraq.  She wants to hijack the parade float in an attempt to amplify her issues.

She's a useless whore who needs to step aside. 

And if she won't step aside, she should be shoved.

In fact, maybe it's past time for another pie-ing?

But what you really need to grasp is Medea isn't about peace.

She pretends to care about the state of the peace movement.

But a movement needs something to rally against and Medea repeatedly lies and whores to stop the movement from rallying against Barack.

She does this by peddling one loony conspiracy theory after another -- conspiracy theories which always insist Barack is not the leader of war and empire the people should rally against.

Medea's become a public menace and needs to be quarantined. 

Can you imagine anyone showing up for rallies against the Iraq War in 2003 if peace movement 'leaders' had gone around (lying) that Bully Boy Bush was being forced into forcing war, that the media was twisting his arm?

No, we can't imagine it either.

The refusal to call out Barack, to hold him responsible for his actions, goes a long way towards explaining the state of the peace movement in the United States today.

If you're not calling him out, you're part of his harem and you're selling war.  

Under Bully Boy Bush, Medea and CodeStink appeared to be about opposing war.

Since Barack's been sworn in as president, Medea's railed in column after column against The Drone War -- most of these columns never named Barack let alone called him out, she's insisted US forces remain in Afghanistan and now she's telling people that Barack is the victim.

If you're still not getting how she's the problem, you may be part of the problem as well.  


We're damn sick of Barack and his harem of love slaves.

It's time to demand accountability -- Barack must be held accountable and so must so-called 'leaders' of the peace movement.

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