Sunday, September 07, 2014

Editorial: Whose killing civilians in Iraq?

Might this be why Sunnis feel targeted?

Iraqi Spring MC posted the photo of Anas al-Abbasi who was shot dead in Samarra by Nouri al-Maliki's military on Saturday.

That's the same military that the US government, trains, funds and arms.

He's among the many civilians the US government can say they're responsible for 'protecting' them only to end up being killed.

This surprisingly large group is predominately Sunni.

So how does the US backing (and arming) the group killing Sunni civilians help ease tensions?

And with the repeated number of civilians killed on Saturday, might the US government start calling the Iraqi military 'barbaric' with Joe Biden promising to follow them to "the gates of hell"?

Oh, wait.

The chest thumping, the decrying of deaths?

It's only Shi'ite deaths that cause an outcry from the US government.

And that's a fact that's really registered on Arabic social media.

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