Sunday, August 17, 2014

Editorial: The Three Faces of Barack

US President Barack Obama spoke about Iraq on Thursday.

He insisted, "We will continue air strikes to protect our people and facilities in Iraq."

Yet this weekend saw him bombing near a dam in Mosul.

That's not what he sold to the American people last week.

Nor does it fit with what he told the American people in June when he began sending more US troops back into Iraq.

The US is engaged in combat operations in Iraq.

That's what bombing is: Combat.

He has no authorization for these actions.

He needs to go to Congress.

We doubt Congress will tell him no.

We wish they would tell him no but we doubt they will.

Regardless, he is over reaching, he is not acting out of some direct threat to the United States so he does not have the power to conduct the actions he's currently authorizing.  He needs to get Congressional authorization for what he's doing.

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