Sunday, August 03, 2014

Editorial: Foreign Policy in Focus and their stupid bondage games

Foreign Policy in Focus, where the only borders are stupidity.

They yet again underscored that slogan last week when they published the nonsense of Corrie Hulse ("The 'Responsibility to Protect' Is Buried in Iraq") which was yet another piece on Iraq that ignored reality.

What is it with these cowards in their political closets that prevents them from telling the truth?

Toss a cat into a room with the Foreign Fools in Focus and chances are you'll hit a closet-case Communist or Socialist.

And they're not the interesting kind, the exciting radical you can have really hot and intense sex with while discussing a better world as you catch your breath after.

No, these are the other kind.  As they get older, they become like the Communists and Socialists at the end of the sixties and start of the seventies who were so eager to support LBJ and Nixon by supporting the Iraq War.

Remember those scummy pieces of crap?

They would go on to become neocons.

There's something really vile and disgusting about these types who embrace totalitarianism.

They've been taught not to think but to hero worship.

And just as their predecessors  lapped at the cocks of LBJ and Nixon, the current crazies can't stop licking Barack's nuts.

Which explains why Foreign Fools in Focus has written yet another piece of crap about ISIS.

Oh, that evil ISIS!

The tired old hustlers of FFIF -- with their dried snatches and their limp dicks -- can't call out Nouri al-Maliki.

They can call out rebels, militants and terrorists.

But Nouri al-Maliki is the government of Iraq -- the US-installed government.

And since the start of the year, he has daily bombed the residential areas in Falluja, killing and wounding civilians.

And FFIF has called that out when?

July 10th,  NINA reported Falluja General Hospital released numbers  on the dead and injured from Nouri's bombings of Falluja's residential neighborhoods (which is legally defined as a War Crime). Since January 1st, Nouri has killed 542 civilians in Falluja and injured 1880 more.

FFIF thinks ISIS is a criminal organization -- and that ISIS is an umbrella for a large number of groups.

Okay, so a criminal kills and that's surprising?

Isn't it more shocking when a government kills civilians it is supposed to protect?

Of course it is.

But the dried snatches and the limp dicks of the closet cases of Foreign Fools in Focus will not call out a leader or a government.

Even in their post-sexual stage, they still have a sick desire to crawl and be beaten, masochists one and all.  They're useless and they're disgusting as they play out their bondage games with the lives of others.

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