Sunday, June 22, 2014

Telepundit from hell

On MSNBC last week -- where else? -- professor Allan Licthman set a new low for punditry.

You may remember Bully Boy Bush once occupied the White House for eight dark and deadly years. Thankfully, that is no more.  Sadly, he's been replaced by a mirror image.

Under Bully Boy Bush we were outraged on the left by his use of executive orders.  For example, in August 2007, Matthew Rothschild (The Progressive via Common Dreams) wrote:

George W. Bush is churning out executive orders and Presidential directives just as fast as Dick Cheney's lawyers can fill up yellow legal pads.
The power that he is asserting-no, grabbing-with these executive orders is astonishing and alarming. Such power imperils our liberties and our democratic system of government.

House Republicans, Ari insisted, were "obsessed with oversight."  He was filling in for Rachel Maddow and his guest was Licthman.

Why might Republicans be "obsessed with oversight"?

Who knows.

But it might be because Barack refused to appoint Inspector Generals during his first term as president.  For instance, the State Department never had an IG under Hillary Clinton's entire Secretary of State term.  (John Kerry promised to change that and he did.)

Could just be because they're doing their job.

Their job is not to blow feather kisses at Barack.

(It's not Ari's job either but it is Ari's hobby.)

Looking like a nut case in a Leonard Nimoy rug, Lichtman offered various crazy faces and such 'insight' as, "There's no compromising with this Congress.  They're not interested in compromising."

Oh, yes, Barack is forced to issue executive orders, yes, yes, said the little troll wearing Daddy's suit on national TV.

Reality, Barack had three years in the US Senate.  He didn't know what he was doing.  Since becoming president, he's thought Congress bends to his will.


And it didn't happen from 2009 to 2010 when the House and Senate both had Democratic majorities.

Allan Lichtman is not just an ugly man, he's a perv who gets off on abuse -- in his case government abuse.

This telepundit from hell needs to get his ass back down there and, this time, stay there.

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