Sunday, April 13, 2014

Truest statement of the week

Chicagoland is an eight part miniseries-length campaign infomercial for Rahm Emanuel first airing a little less than a year before his mayoral re-election bid. Chicagoland is produced for the Sundance Channel by Brick City TV LLC, the same crew who did a similar "documentary" to boost Newark NJ mayor Corey Booker's political career in 2009-2010. Chicagoland does what every commercial tries to do, sell its audience a product and/or proposition without having that audience engage in any rational thought about it. The product is Rahm Emanuel's 2015 re-election run for mayor, and the proposition is putting happy faces on austerity, punitive policing, privatization, and “cities that work” for the wealthy and well-connected; the neoliberal vision of life in urban America.

-- Bruce A. Dixon, "CNN's Chicagoland -- An 8 Part Miniseries Campaign Commercial for Rahm Emanuel & Urban Neoliberalism" (Black Agenda Report).

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