Sunday, March 23, 2014

Who should run in 2016?

The Democrats don't have much to offer in the next presidential election presently.

Hillary Clinton's embarrassing herself as she screams for war and comes off like some sort of American war monger.

Vice President Joe Biden is too old and was tasked to be over Iraq -- one of the administration's worst disasters.

Senator Elizabeth Warren's made herself a joke and she's also a 'new' Democrat, having spent most of her life as a Republican -- a detail presidential the press would probably have to explore.

Ex-US Senator Russ Feingold?

Russ was the great hope.  Russ was the big one who could save us all.

Big, bad, brave Russ.

Except remember how he lost his Senate seat?

By basically dry humping Barack Obama when what voters needed was a message that Russ would fight for them, not waste his time defending the honor of Lady Barack.

By the way, The Progressive?  Pay attention right now because this applies to you as well.

You're wasting all your time trying to bring down Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

It's a waste of time.

Because no one takes you seriously.

You don't look like journalists, you look like a hit squad for the Democratic Party.

As Barack's approval rating continues to drop in your state, your refusal to hold him accountable discredits you and anything you try to do.  You're not seen as journalists or even activists, just a Democratic partisans  which feeds right into Scott Walker's argument that this is about partisanship and not about what's right for Wisconsin.

Back to big Russ.

After he got spanked in public in his 2010 re-election bid, Russ wasn't smart enough to pull up his pants and tried to regroup.

The man who argued against The PATRIOT Act is silent on the illegal spying.

Few know why that is.

When Russ isn't dropping his pants and hopping over someone's knee for a good spanking, he's schilling for the White House, Barack made him a special envoy grasping that co-opting Russ would shut him up about the illegal spying.

Which it has.

Little Rusty Feingold is well behaved boy now that he's been taken over the knee repeatedly by Barack.

Maybe he'll be a hit in gay S&M porn videos?

He won't be a hit in politics.  He made himself a joke.

Doesn't have to be that way.

Remember this guy?

That's Jimmy Carter.

It's never really been established if a person elected to two terms as US president could then leave office and serve another term (or two) a little while later.

But Carter was one term, from January 1977 to January 1981.

So he's still got another term he could serve.

And maybe he should seriously consider running.

Dana Davidson (CNN) reports:

Former President Jimmy Carter said Sunday he believes the National Security Agency is monitoring his e-mails, so when he wants to communicate with a foreign leader, he sends an old-fashioned letter via snail mail.
Asked by NBC's Andrea Mitchell about the debate surrounding the spy agency and the conflict between privacy and national security, Carter said the surveillance practices have "been extremely liberalized and I think abused by our own intelligence agencies."
"As a matter of fact, you know, I have felt that my own communications were probably monitored, and when I want to communicate with a foreign leader privately, I type or write the letter myself, put it in the post office and mail it," Carter said.

No one wanting the Democratic Party's presidential nomination can afford to be silent.

But they all are, aren't they?

Jimmy Carter has no plans to seek another term.

But if he'd look around at all the others in his party playing cowards right now, he might realize that he's needed, desperately so.

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