Sunday, March 09, 2014

Editorial: Dear John Kerry

We get it.  We really do.

John Kerry's bellowing is his attempt to play bad cop.

He was hoping Barack Obama would play good cop.

But all Barack can almost manage is meter maid.

So Kerry has to become the Howard Cosell of diplomacy.

But could someone remind the Secretary of State that he already has duties and they don't include declaring war?

No, no, not a bro hang with Ben Affleck and Russ Feingold.

No, John Kerry is supposed to be over the US mission to Iraq.

Right now, people are worried that chief thug and prime minister Nouri al-Maliki intends to refuse to allow Anbar Province to vote in the planned April 30th elections.

That's a serious concern.

And while William Burns was all over Baghdad last week, meeting with many officials and leaders, is delegating all of this really the answer 51 days before an election?

Also, your concern over what's going on with the Ukraine?

Might seem a little less fake if you called out Nouri using US weapons to kill Iraqi civilians.

That's right, did you miss the War Crimes taking place for months now?

Just today, his indiscriminate shelling of Falluja residential neighborhoods left 6 people dead and seventeen injured.  It's collective punishment and the US defines it as a War Crime.

You're over Iraq for the administration and you've got nothing to say.

Nouri tears down protest camps, starts shelling residential neighborhoods in Anbar, doing so with weapons the US government provided him with, and you've not said a word.

As you might have said when you had a sturdier spine, how do you ask someone to be the last Iraqi to die at the hands of an Iraqi tyrant?

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