Sunday, February 16, 2014

Editorial: The silence that greets the War Crimes

Last Sunday's death toll brought the number of violent deaths in Iraq for the month of February to 269. Through yesterday, Iraq Body Count notes the toll is 430.  That's 131 deaths.

And it doesn't include most of the deaths from Nouri al-Maliki's ongoing assault on Anbar Province.

Iraq's Prime Minister and chief thug has declared war on the province.  He claims there are 'terrorists' present.  In his mind, this justifies attacking a province.

But his mind is not very bright nor it is very legal.

Collective punishment?

It's a defined War Crime and has been recognized as such for decades.

The US government has recognized it as a War Crime for decades.

Yet Nouri gets away with it, gets away with shelling residential areas, destroying homes, wounding people and, yes, killing them.

Iraqi Spring MC notes the military's Friday bombings in Falluja killed Sheikh Khalil al-Qubaisi Nada.

  1. وفاة الشيخ خليل ندا الكبيسي متأثرا بجراحه التي اصيب بها جراء قصف قوات المالكي جامع الشيخ عبد الملك السعدي .

Iraqi Spring MC also reports the military's assault left  a woman in Falluja injured and she had to have her leg amputated as a result.

Yet the White House keeps supplying Iraq's tyrant with more weapons to use on the Iraqi people.

Last Monday, National Iraqi News Agency reported Falluja General Hospital was again shelled (by Iraqi military) and 1 person was killed with fourteen more left injured ("including a doctor and three nurses").  Tuesday?  NINA reported the military's mortar attack on Falluja Educational Hospital left one doctor injured.  Friday, NINA reported the Iraqi military bombed Falluja General Teaching Hospital doing substantial damage and this is "the third bombing of the hospital during the last 24" hours,

 Wael Grace (Al Mada) reported Wednesday that Nouri was announcing victory in his assault on Anbar.  Alsumaria reported Nouri stated the government will inventory all the damage his assault did to private and public property and pursue reconstruction.  He went on to note the public property included bridges, hospitals and . . .  Yes, he's even speaking publicly about his military attacking hospitals.

We've gone beyond just War Crimes to admitted War Crimes.

But the White House is silent.  The western press is silent.

The Iraqi press and the Iraqi people won't be bullied into silence.

NINA noted Iraqiya MP Leaq Wardi called out the War Crimes when Wardi declared, "The continuation of indiscriminate shelling and concentrated, the past few days, on the health institutions, especially the Falluja General Hospital, confirms the existence of a deliberate intention not to resolve the crisis, despite the announcement of continuous initiatives to solve the crisis."

But the White House and the State Department are silent.

Sadly, so are too many 'leaders.'  Where are they?  The little bitches and bastards who have no voice today now that Bully Boy Bush doesn't occupy the White House?

The little bitches and bastards who pretended to care about Iraq in 2005 and 2006 and 2007.

These are War Crimes.

The Iraqi people are suffering.

And the President of the United States enables and arms Nouri.

Where are the little bitches and bastards who played 'leaders' in United for Peace and Justice and  pretended to care about Iraq?  Or the lovelies of CodePink?

When the hell do these lazy asses intend to call out War Crimes?

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