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A very detailed e-mail came in noting all the times we've done "Mailbag" and how we had basically abandoned it this year.  A lot of times, this feature is actually addressed in a "Ty's Corner."  But we do take the point and are doing a "Mailbag" now to get one in before the end of the year.  First though, our e-mail address is now for those who've missed our change.

Last week, we added When Harry Met Sally . . .  to  Who Done It?,  That Darn Cat!,  Cactus Flower,  Family Plot, House Sitter,  and Outrageous Fortune in our feature on Film Classics of the 20th Century.  Lisa wants to know if we're taking nominees?

You can make a suggestion but, to be frank, we've got more than enough suggestions among us.  This is a feature that we started this year and that we plan to continue next year. There are probably 20 films we've already decided to do.

Don't send your suggestions of films if they're 'prestige' films that no one's going to watch more than once.  Film Classics of the 20th Century are about films you can really savor and enjoy over and over.  If you have a suggestion for a film classic, however, you can e-mail to note it.  But, again, we've already got a long list we're working through.  If your suggestion is already on our list, it might have the effect of pushing it to be the one we do next (not this month, we've already got this month planned out).

Mitch e-mails to complain that we have "no appreciation at all for action films" in our Film Classics of the 20th Century.  Okay, there's a montage that we did which runs with each selection.

movie montage

Everything on there we hope to do an article on.  Terminator 2, for example is an action film and we consider it a film classic.  It's far from the only one we plan to include.

We've noted since 2005 that our favorite film genre is comedy so comedies will be on the list.

Genie notes that That Darn Cat is a Disney film and hopes we will include more Disney films.  There will be at least one more live action Disney film -- Dona says two.

JR likes the series but wishes we would do the same with music.

JR, Rebecca hoped that as well and we actually did do one album this year.  We just quickly lost interest in the topic.  Maybe we'll pick it up next year.

Kevin wants us to do the same but with TV shows.  That's also an interesting suggestion and we will discuss it but can't promise anything.

Pamela worries we're getting "farther and father away from real issues."

It's the holiday season, we're really more into that, to be honest.  And we're aware of it.  A few weeks back, Dona raised that exact issue.  When she pointed it out, we agreed that we were focusing more on entertainment but agreed we were fine with that.

XELR@[. . .] was among those who e-mailed to note we had stopped noting Workers World every week.  That was beyond our control.  Workers World stopped publishing for a period of time in November.  If they don't have new articles, we can't repost them.

Kassidy e-mailed wondering why we bother to repost Workers World or Great Britain's Socialist Worker?  They are left sites.  They are also left sites that allow you to repost provided you include the link to them.  That's two reasons.  Another reason is that we don't consider Socialism a dirty word or something that must be hidden.  A fourth reason is that it gives readers of this site another left perspective so that you're not just hearing our voices.  We could go on.  But we're happy to repost the articles and wish WSWS, among others, had a similar policy of allowing people to repost their articles.

Long term reader Beverly e-mailed to note that she preferred our "Highlights" feature more "back when you reposted them in full."  Originally, we would pick a highlight from community sites and repost it in full.  When we did that, there were fewer community sites.  Today, there are 14 community sites besides our own:

It was C.I., Rebecca, Kat, Betty, Mike and Wally back when we were reposting in full.

George notes he likes the short features "especially the ones that are just a photo."  Credit goes to Dona who (a) championed short features as a way to break up the look of the weekly edition and to Dona who has repeatedly pushed for visuals and then for more visuals.  If you go back to our first year, our first months, you'll see that we had no visuals at all, were strictly text-based.  Credit also goes to Jess who, early on, designed a series of visuals to be the illustrations for Ava and C.I.'s TV articles, to Isaiah whose comics we've been able to use here, and to Betty's kids who've worked on so many illustrations we've used.

Again, our e-mail address is

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