Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Trend: Closeted, Butch, Black Lesbians

Did they snarl, "I'll cut a bitch!  I will!"

Or was it just implied as they tried to shut down facts about the woman who makes their panties damp?

Who knows?

The reality that Beyonce has a huge number of lesbians fans is not shocking or surprising.  Lesbians like to dance as much as anyone else.

But what was shocking was the closeted group, butch women who are predominately Black and who aggressively tried to turn Beyonce into a feminist.

They tried this repeatedly.  By the final month of 2013, they were all over the place -- even at Ms. magazine's blog -- pimping Beyonce's 'feminist statement.'

But the closet cases were lying.

The only thing that finally shut them up was "Editorial: The 'pro-woman' propaganda dumped on the feminist movement" which explained how two weak ("I guess I'm") statements in reply to a question on feminism were grafted onto Beyonce's earlier defense of her right to have her tits and ass hang out of her stage clothing to make a 'feminist' 'statement.'

That sent the group of butch gals back to their closets.

They finally shut the hell up.

Something we'd suggest they do more often.

Just because Beyonce makes your snatch wet doesn't make her a feminist.

Because she uses her album to endorse violence against women, to tell people (especially young girls) that Ike Turner beating Tina Turner was about love and romance and sex?

No, that makes her an anti-feminist.

You can eat her out until your jaw falls off but Beyonce is not a feminist.

You can't promote violence against women and be a feminist.

In 2014, when that woman you've always wondered about -- the one who always making a big deal about how she's straight but really doesn't come off straight -- when that woman starts spinning Beyonce as the world's greatest artist, just grasp that, as you suspected, she's really just attracted to Beyonce and, honestly, she's as embarrassing as Keith Partridge (David Cassidy) smitten with Dora Kelly (Robin Millan) in the "Dora, Dora, Dora" episode of The Partridge Family.

Don't begrudge Beyonce her closeted lesbian fans.  Soon, that's all she'll have left -- she's already losing teen boys.

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