Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sexist nonsense of the week


Last week at the PBS website for The NewsHour, Nick Corcodilos apparently thought he was writing for Maxim or some other sewer magazine.

It started with a  person was confused and wanted help.

Question: I am looking at new job opportunities. Your suggestion is to network to find out more information about a company, and to get to know the right people before you even think of trying to get a job there.

What is your view on making contact with people you don't know at all via social networking sites, such as LinkedIn? I have joined some of the professional communities and this seems like a great way to make initial contact with people in a particular industry, but is this just a fake idea or is there actually some merit in this method?

And The NewsHour thought help was replying that the best way to address this was to ask, "Hey, Babe, Don't I Know You From Somewhere?"

After all, what is a work place but a seventies singles bar, right?  No harm can come from treating the work place like that, right?

Except devaluing the workers, of course.  And turning the work place into a male defined world for men and excluding women, of course.  And also encouraging sexual harassment, of course.

In other words, this was a very disturbing moment for The NewsHour which has been trying to score media cred with its new female anchors line up.  Nonsense like Corcodilos kind of counterweights any gains for women at The NewsHour.

Corcodilos nonsense was first noted last week by Cedric and Wally in their joint-posts  "Brought to you by the letters S, E, X, I, S and M" and "THIS JUST IN! NEWSHOUR EMBRACES SEXISM!"
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