Sunday, September 15, 2013

When Morons Meet

Edward-Isaac Dovere made like Leonard Nimoy In Search of Liberals but lost immediately by heading to right-wing Markos Moulitsas for a listing.

Little Dicky Breaks It Down

Moulitsas (pictured above) worked for Henry Hyde, is know as one of the biggest sexists online and wants to keep his right wing Latin American history (as well as his family's) off the public record.

Moulitsas list?

1) Sandra Fluke.  Only to a weak ass wimp could birth control for college students be seen as a liberal position (it's a centrist position) and only could someone be elevated to leadership for Congressional testimony.

2) Rachel Maddow.  The War Hawk never met a war she couldn't wrap her leg around and hump.

3) Dan Savage.  Liberal because he's gay?  We are aware that, like Rachel Maddow, Savage supported Bully Boy Bush starting the Iraq War, right?

4) Richard Trumka.  The AFl-CIO leader used none of his influence at last week's convention for things that matter.  He refused to support a no-war-on-Syria position.  He also refused to back a resolution supporting Iraqi workers.

5) Bill McKibben.  Ha! The whore of the faux environmental movement.  For a primer, start by reading MacDonald Stainsby on McKibben and his ilk.

6) Senator Elizabeth Warren

7) US House Rep. Luis Gutierrez.  The only one who qualifies as left.

Ask a moron get a moronic response.

Marcos is the idiot in the car who sings "I got ham but I'm not a hamster" when The Killers' "All These Things That I Have Done" plays on the radio.

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