Sunday, September 22, 2013

Editorial: Iraq Can Wait?

A column for the Jerusalem Post yesterday by Charles Bybelezer was headlined "Iraq is lost."  Bybelezer blames US President Barack Obama -- for his enabling of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki despite Nouri's ever-increasing authoritarian streak.


And certainly, violence is on the rise in Iraq.  Today Yang Yi (Xinhua) reports, "At least 15 people were killed and 35 others wounded in a bomb attack in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on Sunday, police said.W.G. Dunlop (AFP) adds, "The UN warned on Sunday against revenge attacks in Iraq after two blasts killed 73 people in a Shiite area of Baghdad a day after a Sunni mosque was bombed."  Through yesterday, Iraq Body Count counts 815 violent deaths in Iraq so far this month. 

And yet Barack and Secretary of State John Kerry can't focus on Iraq, can't talk about Iraq. They just keep yammering away trying to start a war on Syria.

At what point are Americans going to ask why billions of tax dollars continue to go into Iraq?  Especially considering that the money is just propping up a (US-installed) dictator?

At what point is the world going to tell Barack to sit his ass down and focus on Iraq and John Kerry to shut his mouth about Syria and get to work on Iraq?

The Iraqi people have been protesting for nine months.  The failure of the media to note that anniversary goes a long way towards explaining how Barack's gotten away with backing another dictator.

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