Sunday, August 11, 2013

Truest statement of the week II

That is -- Lynne calls it a misstatement. I call it a total lie, because Lynne does nothing for herself. Everything is done for her. She sits in a bed. In a prison, you have to make your own bed. Lynne does not have to. She does not take long walks. The prison brings her food. Everything is done for her as she sits. And so, for them to say that she can take care of herself is just outrageous. And obviously she does not. She looks to have a walker. To walk around the visiting room is a chore. And, of course, in prison, they don’t like you to be close, and so we don’t walk, because she holds on to walk. And it’s—for them to make a statement like that, that she’s improving, and when we all know that her lungs are being clogged, this is dangerous, a dangerous situation, and the prison wants her dead. I don’t call them "prisons" anymore; I call them "death camps." 

-- Political prisoner Lynne Stewart's husband Ralph Poynter in response to Amy Goodman's, "Ralph, if you could talk about your visits to her in prison and the comment that she’s living a fine, independent life within the walls of the prison." (Democracy Now! Thursday).

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