Sunday, July 28, 2013

White House Says Every 8 years Barack speaks about the economy

The White House either had a moment of brutal honesty or else they didn't realize how damning their visual message was.  The economy began tanking in the second term of Bully Boy Bush and it officially tanked in 2008 allowing Barack Obama to win the 2008 election.

In the time since, Barack's done damn little for the economy.

The White House appears to agree with that assessment either intentionally or unintentionally as evidence by this screen snap from the official website last week. (For coverage of the speech, see Trina's  "Barack's worst speech ever" and  Elaine's "The same speech delivered yet again.")

econ wh

In case you're thinking we misread that -- it appears to suggest that if you want to hear Barack speak seriously about the economy, you have to drop back to 2005 -- we wondered about that as well.  So this morning we checked and found this at the White House website under (we're not making this up) "Recent Economy Videos:"

econ wh 2

There's the 2005 speech from when he was a US senator and then "Eight Years Later" he spoke about it again.

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