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ClassWar Films

ClassWar Films is a funny kind of film company -- it produces speeches set to a slide show. 

Are we back to the days of the overhead school projector film strips?  It certainly appears so.

We're also in The Land of Crap and Whoring. 

We wish that wasn't the case.

class war films

That's a 'still' from one of ClassWar Films' 'films.' 

In this section, they're talking about the TARP bail out of big banks.  Remember when President Mitt Romney pushed that through?

Oh, wait, he was never president.

Okay, well remember when Senator Mitt Romney insisted to the Black Caucus that they had to vote for it.

Oh, yeah.  Romney was never a senator and it was Barack Obama who strong armed the Black Caucus.  As Glen Ford (Black Agenda Report) observed in September 2009, "Back in October of last year, it was Barack Obama’s lobbying of individual Black members of Congress that caused the Caucus to shift from 21 to 18 opposed to the first bank bailout, to 31 to 8 in favor – and Obama hadn’t even been elected yet."

So why the hell are they showing Mitt Romney?

Because that's what they do.  Boys and girls the closeted Marxists have arrived and they're coming, coming for to carry you home.

ClassWar Films is aptly named because it wants to inflame a class war fare.  They can pretend that they're only responding to an ongoing class warfare against the people but that's just not true.

If you're responding to it, then you're calling out the person in charge.

After insulting the entire Republican presidential nominee contenders of 2012 -- every one of them -- they offer this:

The other choice? Is a bald face fraud and flim flam man who's chief claim to positive accomplishment as president has been to have perpetrated the most ugly and cynical betrayal of the American electorate in history.  He has done more in one term to single handily destroy belief in our political system than any previous combination of the hustlers and phonies who were his immediate predecessors.

What's missing there?

Golly, how about a name, you f**king cowards.

Save us from the political closet cases.  

Since May of 2011, they've 'released' four 'films.'  The most recent one was four months ago.  Dissident Voice posted it today.  It notes that, around the world, people have responded to the financial crisis (caused by the handover of community wealth to individuals) by taking to the streets and demanding their rights but, while this has happened elsewhere, it hasn't happened here.

Why the hell would it?

And how the f**k do you think your awful 'film' is going to help them take to the streets?

In that little video condemning the state of the world today, they fail to ever mention Barack Obama.  Not by name, not by reference.  They do show that Mitt Romney still. 

But Barack's hands off.  Here's reality, if you can't call out the enemy, you're not helping anyone.  If you're distracting with Mitt Romney, you're not helping anyone.

The US is a disaster zone today.  And Barack's had a whole four year term to do something and didn't do a damn thing to help the people.  If you can't point that out, if you can't call him out, don't act surprised that people aren't in the streets over what's going on.

Chicken Little is a well known figure.  Less well known is his cousin Chicken S**t.  While Chicken Little was running around saying, "The sky is falling," Chicken S**t was right behind him but squawking, "No, it isn't.  And even if it is, it's not Barack Obama's fault!"

ClassWar Films is the company of two elderly Communists and like others their age who stayed in the closet, they loathe women and gay people.  Which is how you get a video telling you that gay rights and abortion are "hot button social issues" but not real issues" (except to "the ignorant and uninformed")  and they "have nothing whatever to do with their economic, social and political well being."

Seriously, old trash, you want to try that?

We could spend all day refuting that.  Instead, we'll just offer one example.  Marriage equality has nothing to do with two people's "economic, social and political well being"? 

What trash, what awful trash.

And, you know, trash attracts trash.

So we were curious to see who their "allies" were:

Tim Hermach, Native Forest Council

Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, October2011

Tom Feeley, Information Clearing House

Paul Jay, The Real News Network

Jim Jensen, Montana Environmental Information Center

Gareth Porter

Alexandra Bruce,

Dave Lindorff,

Robert Jensen, Professor, University of Texas

The names we recognize?  They're members of the Cult of St. Barack. Some have wised up (Dave Lindorff) but most, whether they've wised up or not, refuse to call out their Christ-child.

At Dissident Voice, Paul Edwards explained, "Lanny Cotler and I lived the 60s.  He was involved in the Berkeley Free Speech dust-up and I was Bobby Kennedy’s film crew director to the end in L.A.  We were both in Vietnam, he in State and I for CARE, and saw that debacle in all its hideous depth. We were radicalized then, and it only deepened and matured over the decades of Nixon, Reagan, Clinton et al."  What?

How can you be on any kind of a mission that honestly involves going up against the illusions and deceptions of President Barack Obama and not name him?  Reduce him to "et al"?

That goes a long way towards explaining why people aren't out in the streets.

When even those that agitate for them to hit the streets can't call out the sitting president, how are the people supposed to know the situation is so dire (ClassWar Films tells you that the ability to protest is narrowing and you must act now)?  The people have to know the name of the enemy and when you can't even provide that basic information, you're not accomplishing anything.

Back to your closets, please.

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