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Solidarity with Manning and Snowden (Workers World)

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Solidarity with Manning, Snowden

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Berlin. Photo: Uwe Hiksch
Berlin. Photo: Uwe Hiksch

Progressives and anti-imperialists in Berlin, Germany, demonstrated while U.S. President Barack Obama was visiting there June 17, carrying a big banner: “Against war, repression and racism.” The following is an excerpt from a statement read to the audience:

“On the occasion of President Barack Obama’s visit to Berlin, our demonstration protesting U.S. government policies approved the following declaration of solidarity with Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and all whistleblowers:

“Manning and Snowden took on enormous personal risks to inform world public opinion of the abuse of power and the crimes of the U.S. government. They brought to light what the U.S. government had sought to keep secret and cover up. We would like to express to them our deepest gratitude and our full solidarity.”

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