Sunday, June 16, 2013

So many scandals

In addition to Barack's spying on Americans, there are so many scandals.  Often, it seems there are too many to keep track of, we know.   Michael Scheurer's "Bin Laden Predicted Obama's War on the 4th Amendment" (Information Clearing House) offers a handy overview for those attempting to keep track:

–Holder’s perjury, if perjury is lying under oath or to the Congress, about the Fast-and-Furious Program, which was meant to be the opening act of Obama’s attack on the 2nd Amendment and which killed a U.S. Border Patrol officer.

–The Obama administration’s aggressive campaign of lies -- led by Nancy Pelosi -- meant to disguise the disastrous economic impact of Obama care.

–The use of Obama's health care plan to violate the First Amendment rights of the tens of millions of Americans of all religious persuasions who oppose abortion.

–Obama's shameless exploitation of dead movie-goers in Colorado and dead children in Connecticut to seek to destroy the 2nd Amendment (while protecting his wealthy, violence-inculcating Hollywood friends), perhaps sensing that his administration’s lawlessness would eventually drive any American with a lick of commonsense to have an AK-47 in the closet.

–Susan Rice's lies about what happened at Benghazi. (Anyone who is or has been in the Intelligence Community knows Rice knew the truth about Benghazi but knowingly lied for Obama and Mrs. Clinton by using the talking points doctored-up with the okay of now-CIA Director John Brennan.)

–Holder's perjury, if perjury is lying under oath or to the Congress, about his direct role in the Department of Justice's operations against FOX’s James Rosen and the Associated Press.

–The IRS's deliberate and probably White House-directed effort to prevent Tea Party groups and other American conservatives from effectively participating in the 2012 presidential election, perhaps ensuring Obama’s small victory margin. (Imagine for a moment, what Holder and the Department of Justice would be doing to destroy the IRS and lynch its leaders if it had hamstrung Black, feminist, pro-abortion, environmental, Hispanic, and pro-homosexual groups during the 2012 election.)

–Clapper's perjury, if perjury is lying under oath or to the Congress, in telling the House’s intelligence committee that no "intentional" collection of U.S. citizens' electronic communications was occurring.

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