Sunday, June 02, 2013

Editorial: Piss Ant Rao's Propaganda

The United Nations revealed 1,045 Iraqis died in violence and another 2,397 were injured during the month of May.

The laughable AFP became a dirty joke last week or a dirtier one as they went around with their 'count' insisting that 500 was the total and then 600.  They radically undercount.

That's bad enough as they distribute their disinformation.

What's worse is what they do behind the scenes, specifically what Prashant Rao does behind the scenes.

AFP's Twitter king Prashant Rao is a one-man propaganda team.  Rao is responsible for AFP's death toll so when he 'forgets' to include deaths, that's on him.  He also 'forgets' to note rape or issues around rape in Iraq.

One of the worst things he's done recently involves CNN.

CNN hired Fran Townsend, former Homeland Security and CounterTerrorism advisor to Bully Boy Bush.  Townsend questioned Prashant's Syria propaganda -- in 2.5 years -- the alarmist Prashant shouts -- almost as many people have died in Syria as have died in Iraq since 2003.

Let's look at the conversation:

    1. Incredible that despite how violent Iraq has been for a decade, Syria has nearly caught up, in terms of death toll, in less than 2.5 years.
    2. Are you sure? 2.5 yrs into the Iraq war the British Lancet was claiming over 600K Iraqis dead
    Yes, but Lancet figures have been called into question repeatedly. Widely accepted figures are closer to 110-120k.
    1. I know but Lancet has not retracted its initial report that I know of.

  • Please grasp, a former Bush official is noting the validity of The Lancet figures and AFP Whore Prashant Rao, little weasel and liar that he is, is insisting The Lancet is not correct.

    The Lancet is a medical journal and it used sampling the same way the United Nations does.  It is the accepted method.  Not that a weasel who never took social sciences would know a damn thing about sampling.

    But Piss Ant Rao always knows so damn litte.

    Watch him prove where he gets his 'wisdom.'

  • Nope, it has not. has summarised problems with it, though: +
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