Sunday, January 06, 2013

The face of intolerance

phyllis bennis

It's Phyllis Bennis, professional gadfly, tired of the position of Village Idiot so currently auditioning for Village Oaf.

At IPS, where the 'scholar' resides, they've published a recent gas bag session Phyll participated in.

The topic was Chuck Hagel potentially being nominated by Barack Obama to be Secretary of Defense.

Despite rambling on for over ten minutes, Bennis never felt the need to raise the issue of Hagel's anti-gay positions.  Not only did he attack James Hormel in 1999, his Senate voting record on LGBT issues is appalling.  He left the Senate in 2009.  This isn't 'distant history.'

But it wasn't worth mentioning for Phyll.

Who knew she was going for The Face of Intolerance?

Congratulations to Bennis on her new title and let's hope the silence IPS is currently displaying on Hagel's homophobia is remembered when IPS asks for donations next.

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