Sunday, January 01, 2012

The Make Out Song of 2011

"Tell me there's boom, boom, boom," Joss Stone notes in the final minute of "Drive All Night," the make out song of 2011, off Joss' LP1.

"There's this chap," Joss explained about the song at Festival dos Oceanos in Portugal. They were on the phone. And she mentioned something she had to do the next morning and he said he'd take her, he flew to England, drove to pick her and then drove her to the meeting.

I started to worry, do I smell nice?
Like a fool I left my gum on the side

Then I go and kiss you and the follow up from that was whole bunch of nothing

Wondering where you're at

In a sleepy, husky voice, Joss slurs and stumbles through the song (which she co-wrote with Eg White) in a barefoot vocal, sounding as if she just rolled out of bed at two in the morning.

The only thing it's missing is a remix that turns it into an elven minute slow jam.
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