Sunday, November 27, 2011

Editorial: Words have meaning

Oh, Judy.

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Tuesday on The NewsHour (PBS), Judy Woodruff felt the need to conjure up a list of what she termed "successes." If you too were a whore for empire, you'd have joined her in embracing the lawless and illegal actions. But what we want to zoom in on is one section of her list: "the announcement of a drawdown of all U.S. troops from Iraq by the end of this year."

Oh, Judy.

You lie too much
You lie too badly

You want everything for nothing

What's it going to be like for Judy and other liars after January 1, 2012 if a US service member dies in Iraq?

Have they thought about that?

They've repeatedly told their audiences that "ALL" US troops are leaving.

All US troops aren't leaving. The Chair of the Joint-Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta made that clear in a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing this month [see "Iraq snapshot," "Iraq snapshot," "Iraq snapshot," "Scott Brown questions Panetta and Dempsey (Ava)," "The costs (Wally)" and "Who wanted what?" ]. And that's even if the ongoing negotiations results in no additional US troops being stationed in Iraq. As it currently stands, not ALL troops are leaving and yet the American media can't stop lying, can't stop whoring.

Judy Woodruff stands out because one reader wrote us to inform us that her brother doesn't leave Iraq December 31st. He remains there. She writes, "I hope to hell he is safe. But if he or any other soldier dies in 2012 [in Iraq], I want that lying WHORE Judy Woodruff on TV apologizing for her WHORING."

It's not just us paying attention. If it were just us, we'd honestly take a pass on Judy who offered a section of one sentence and focus on the big liars like, for example, IPS' Jim Lobe who wrote a whole article insisting that ALL troops were coming home. (Not only are ALL not leaving, ALL are not coming HOME. Kuwait, Jordan, the UAE and other areas, as Dempsey outlined to the Committee, will have US troops as they are used as a staging area should something go wrong in Iraq.)

We're not going to give her a pass when one of our readers specifically calls her out but we are aware that there are many, many people who've done whole radio commentaries and whole columns putting forward the lie that ALL are coming HOME.

So why do they lie?

They had training, most of them. They know what "all" means. They are familiar with other terms like "the majority" and "most" but they've made the decision to use "all" even though it's incorrect. So what's going on?

They're whoring for war. They most likely will end up with blood on their hands. But all whores focus on is what's going in their pockets tonight.

Oh I'm tangled in your lies
Your scam
Your spider web

Spit spun between the trees
Doors slam
You want my head
You'd eat your young alive
For a jaguar in the drive

You lie too much

You lie too badly

You want everything for nothing
-- "The Windfall (Everything For Nothing)," written by Joni Mitchell, first appears on her Night Ride Home album.
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