Sunday, July 24, 2011

Editorial: Just say no to the crazy

Thursday on Flashpoints Radio, our buddy Raed Jarrar emerged from his padded cell to treat the nation to a seven-course meal of crazy. Jar-Jar informed of the reports of Nouri continuing the secret prisons and other news, "These attempts to bring up the crimes of the Iraqi government in the last few weeks are not really about exposing the crimes of the Iraqi government, they are more about justifying a longer US occupation."

If you weren't swallowing what Raed was serving, it might have been because you know his history of being wrong or it might have been because you can certainly detect crazy when you hear it. Raed Jarrar is convinced that there is a conspiracy with the media, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and who knows who else. This conspiracy determines what the (limited) coverage coming out of Iraq will be.

So, according to Raed's conspiracy theory, when Iraqi Revolution posts photos (like the ones below) of Iraqi activists after Nouri's forces beat them for two hours, Iraqi Revolution is really attempting to keep the US military in Iraq beyond 2011.

iraqi revolution

Forget that Iraqi Revolution regularly burns US flags and denounces the occupation, according to Raed's conspiracy theory, they're actually working with Nouri and Barack and others to keep the US military in Iraq forever.

The Great Iraqi Revolution also highlights the threats and violence the security forces aim at protesters. We guess they're in on the conspiracy too?

In fact, the whole thing's starting to remind us of a scene in Annie Hall between Alvy (Woody Allen) and Allison (Carol Kane).

Allison: Then everybody's in on the conspiracy?

Alvy: (Nodding) Tsch.

Allison: The FBI and the CIA and J. Edgar Hoover and oil companies and the Pentagon -- and the men's room attendant at the White House?

Alvy: I would leave out the men's room attendant.

And we would leave out Raed Jarrar when it comes to looking for a trusted voice. This is, after all, the same Raed Jarrar who stopped caring about the Iraq War after Barack was in office and insisted that the war ended December 31, 2011 because the SOFA told him so. As negotiations continue to extend the US military presence beyond that date, Raed is revealed to be both a mental midget and supremely wrong.

Remember that the next time you hear him speaking and just say no to crazy.
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