Sunday, June 05, 2011

Editorial: Iraq after 100 Days (still the same)

It's a success, Barack Obama insists -- indicating that the "organic" garden behind the White House may be growing more than fruits and vegetables.

The only thing 'successful' about Iraq has been the ability of the US government to install and nurture a Little Saddam. Nouri al-Maliki is not the key to democracy, he is a threat to democracy.

Thursday, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch both issued strong statements decrying the government crackdown on protest and free speech in Iraq. Saturday
David Ali (Al Mada) reported that Nouri has issued an order that there will be no protests next Friday in Baghdad's Tahrir Square.

Protests next Friday?

When youth activists began organizing Friday protests in Iraq back in February (protests were taking place in Iraq before then, FYI), Nouri attempted to defocus the Iraqi people by insisting on 100 Days. In 100 Days, they would see their complaints had been addressed. In 100 Days, they would see a new Iraq. In 100 Days, they would see . . .


June 7th, 100 Days ends. And nothing's been accomplished.

Nouri promised and Moqtada al-Sadr went around backing him up on it. It was never going to accomplish anything other than to buy some time.

And two weeks ago, we saw what for. Time was bought to spy on the protesters and begin arresting them. Like the four arrested in Tahrir Square. ." The Great Iraqi Revolution identified the four: "THE 4 YOUNG ACTIVISTS WHO WERE ARRESTED TODAY BY QASSIM ATTA AND TAKEN TO A PLACE UNKNOWN - 27.5.2011 - THEIR NAMES ARE: JIHAD JALEEL, ALI ABDUL KHALIQ, MOUAYED AL TAYEB AND AHMED AL BAGHDADI. We pray God to have them released very soon." That was May 27th. They remain imprisoned.


Yesterday, Aswat al-Iraq reported that Iraqi youth activists had met up in Istanbul. At the meet-up, Aswat al-Iraq also reports, the activists explored "Suing Premier Nouri al-Maliki's government at the International Criminal Court in the Hague for violating human rights, freedom of expression, peaceful demonstrations and the Geneva Convention."

What happens when the destiny of human will meets the iron fist of dictatorship?

When activists attempt to take to the streets this Friday, the world may find out.
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