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Ray McGovern violated others right to assembly

Somedays, the crazy never ends. Last week, you saw so many at their little so-called lefty blogs and so-called lefty websites bend over backwards to ignore (a) the military sexual assault lawsuit brought by survivors of military sexual assault who are suing Donald Rumsfeld and Robert Gates and (b) ignore the attack by 'lefty' Nir Rosen on CBS News' Lara Logan in which he observed she deserved to be sexually assaulted.

The Honey Pot

Possibly in an attempt to save their own, Lefty Pigs turned to Crazy Ass Ray McGovern. We don't note Ray here, he lies too much, he lies too often. As Ava and C.I. have observed, it honestly appears his mind is going.

Last week, he insisted he was assaulted. And how the Crazy did turn out.

Jess, Jim and Dona are among the people working the public e-mail account of The Common Ills and people send things all the time wanting their stuff to be highlighted.

Last week, a large number of crazy on the topic of 'poor Ray McGovern' was sent.

Registering how much was coming in on Thursday, C.I. had a section of the Thursday snapshot which included, "In fairness, I did call two friends at the State Dept to ask what happened in the room where Hillary was speaking. McGovern's account doesn't match with what I'm told." But that section was junked because there were more important things to cover.

Ray McGovern, a longterm sexist who has repeatedly and consistently attacked Hillary Clinton while offering excuses and conspiracy theories for why Barack Obama hasn't done this or that, declared that he went to see Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speak last week and he was assaulted!


In one piece he's quoted stating, "The height of irony, of course, is that was her tragic flaw that let Obama beat her. She supported the war and Obama didn't. She is the height of hypocrisy." No, Ray, that would be you. Still unable to tell the truth about Barack.

He's far from alone. Rory O'Connor was one of the sexist pigs who has to 'improve' on facts. He declares Donald Rumsfeld better than Hillary: "At least the lying SOB former Secretary of Defense didn't stand by and do nothing as his critics were beaten, arrested and taken away in chains!"

In front of Hillary, Ray was escorted out by police. He was not put in 'chains' or 'beaten' in front of Hillary Clinton. Rory yabbers away before getting to this, "And shame on Hillary Clinton, who as McGovern rightly points out, 'is the driving force, together with a few others, behind the wars in Afghanistan'."

Sexist with small prick says what?

Check your Constitutions, gentlemen, it's much, much longer than your penises and, in it, you will find that the commander in chief of the military is the president of the United States. Only one person is responsible for the continued war in Afghanistan and the continued war in Iraq and the continued war on Pakistan via the drones: President Barack Obama.

We'll guess that Rob Kall, David Swanson, Rory O'Connor, Libby Liberal and so many other LIARS enjoyed writing about the 'attack' on Ray McGovern because it allowed them to stay silent on the military sexual assault case and on their hero Nir Rosen attacking Lara Logan and the victims of sexual assault.

But just because Ray McGovern provided their fat asses with a lot of cover didn't mean Ray or they were telling the truth.

Ray himself wanted to compare it to when he 'stood up' to Donald Rumsfeld in May 2006. No, they weren't the same. Southern Center for International Studies in Atlanta was where Rumsfeld appeared. It's a private non-profit. Ray wanted to make a scene at Hillary's speech was was held at a university.

Rob Kall wanted to insist, "Four years ago, McGovern attended another speech and made national news. The speaker was Donald Rumsfeld and the talk was being broadcast live on CNN. During the Q&A, McGovern took his turn at the mic and asked the former Secretary of Defense why he had lied about weapons of mass destruction. Security immediately approached McGovern, but Rumsfeld stopped them choosing instead to attempt to outwit the seasoned analyst."

McGovern himself insisted, "I have been comparing what happened during Clinton's speech Tuesday with my four-minute mini-debate with Donald Rumsfeld on May 4, 2006 in Atlanta (and YouTube is a good help to memory). Halfway through, Rumsfeld gives the nod to a black-hatted security fellow to elbow me away from the microphone. I shout, 'So this is America?' Rumsfeld takes one look at the TV cameras streaming live, makes a snap decision, and tells the security fellow to let me stay. During that same speech in Atlanta, one fearless witness stands dead-center in the audience with his back to Rumsfeld for the entire speech and is not bothered, much less beaten, arrested, and jailed."

McGovern, Kall and Rory lie about what happened because if they told the truth they couldn't alarm anyone. Ray McGovern was among many who went to the microphone (in Atlanta, in 2006) to ask questions. Ray was among many who were allowed to ask questions. More importantly, people were ejected from that event:

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld traveled to Atlanta on Thursday to speak at the Southern Center for International Studies. Minutes after he began speaking, a protester held up a yellow banner that read "Guilty of War Crimes" and then began to shout. Moments later, Rumsfeld was interrupted several times by other members of the audience. By the end of his speech, security had escorted three protesters out of the building.

That's Democracy Now! from 2006. Ray-Ray's never been known for honesty -- maybe it's a carry-over from his day as a CIA agent or when, before that, he was in 'military intelligence' and peeping into the windows of service members' bedrooms to out them as 'subversives'?

Last week Crazy Ray was at Georgetown University. He was a guest there because he's not a student. And Georgetown has strict and written policies on protests. You'd think someone who spent so many years in "intelligence" -- even if he's now lost his own -- would have bothered to brush up on The George Washingt University Guide To Student Rights And Responsibilities" (PDF format click here).

The George Washington University is committed to the protection of free speech, the freedom of assembly, and the safeguarding of the right of lawful protest on campus. Therefore, student organizations and individual students shall have the right to distribute pamphlets, collect names for petitions, and conduct orderly demonstrations provided these actions are not disruptive of normal University functions and do not encompass the physical takeover or occupation of buildings, offices, classrooms, hallways, or other parts of buildings
without authorization of the University, whether or not University functions are performed in them at that time.
While all students have the right to dissent and to protest, the limitation exists that these rights shall not be exercised in such a manner as to infringe on the rights of other students, or of faculty members, to conduct class, hold their own meetings or hear another speaker, or in such a manner as to be disruptive of normal University functions. No one group or organization holds a monopoly on dissent or on freedom to hear all sides. Further, the fact that students may pursue their interests through speech and assembly on campus does not abrogate their accountability as citizens to the laws of the larger society, and the University is entitled to reflect these constraints in its own regulations.

And that's what got Ray in trouble. He wouldn't sit his ass down. He stood up in front of people, blocking their view. They complained -- that's all the whispering back and forth and hissing you can hear on the video -- and when Ray refused to take his seat, Georgetown University security approached him and told him it was time to leave.

He immediately began jerking away (ensuring his injuries) and fighting with them. That behavior might be excused in a student, but a former CIA agent surely knows you cooperate with the police when they are arresting you and, that if you don't, they will use force.

They took him out of the event and handcuffed him.

Ray McGovern wants to claim this was free speech but he was blocking the view others had and Georgetown is very clear that your free speech rights do not include the ability to interfere with someone else's.

There's so much that still needs to be said including why a man over 70-years-old is going to a college and trying to hijack an event?

While we may not know all the lunatic reasons in his head, we do know he did it for attention. He was trying to recreate his Donald Rumsfeld moment -- even again yelling "This is America!" as he did at the Rumsfeld encounter.

Hillary Clinton's security were not involved. Hillary Clinton was giving a speech, Ray McGovern stood up in it blocking people's view, people told him to sit down repeatedly and he refused to do so, security approached and took him out. That's what happened.


Illustration is Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "The Honey Pot." For more on this topic, see Stan's "More lies from Libby Liberal."
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