Sunday, January 23, 2011

Editorial: Blair and inquiry, there and here

Friday, former UK Prime Minister and forever poodle Tony Blair testified before the Iraq Inquiry. The War Hawk called for war on Iran. Other than that, he had difficulty offering concrete statements which is only surprising to those who've never realized the blood lust of War Hawks.


The blood lust has seen the deaths of Iraqis, British soldiers, US soldiers and so many more in a war-torn country where violence continues with no apparent break in sight. This is the reality Tony Blair helped shape, this is the world Tony Blair destroyed.

Asif Mehmood (Pakistan's Nation) explains, "Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair first time [. . .] admitted that he ignored legal advice because he believed it was 'provisional'." Peter Goldsmith was Blair's Attorney General and while Blair did declare he thought the legal advice was "provisional," the reality is and was he knew it was no such thing. Tony Blair co-started a war of choice, an illegal war, and though he will forever back pedal and rationalize, what he did was criminal. Once the thought was that historians from many decades ahead might render that verdict; however, after last week's appearance, there's a good chance that "decades" won't be needed. Chris Ames (Iraq Inquiry Digest) points out, "Since Tony Blair’s appearance on Friday, comment has focused on what the actual evidence shows, rather than what Blair said. For me, this is a significant development, whatever the interpretation of that evidence was."

Andrew Gilligan (Telegraph of London) observed, "The central charge Chilcot has brought into focus is that the decision on war was the beginning, not the end, of the process; that an agreement on 'regime change' was made early and secretly with President Bush; and that it was done without factual justification, legal advice or proper military planning -- all three of which were later twisted to fit."

The illegal war was ot one of last resort. War Criminals like to portray their wars that way to make themselves appear rational and deep thinkers. Tony Blair is not rational and his only thought was "Kill! Kill! Kill!"

Blair was one of three forcing the war -- the other two were George W. Bush and the oft forgotten John Howard. In the US and Australia, there's been little interest -- among the elected -- in determining how nations were lied into war. Only in England have any inquiries taken place.

In the US, the rush has been on covering up the (ongoing) illegal war, on 'moving on' and on ignoring it. That's how the elected 'leaders' have responded, refusing answers and cloaking the country in ignorance. Ignorance assists governments in selling wars and possibly that's why the US government has adopted the pose it has.
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