Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fashion and Natural disasters

High Yellow and Gimp Eyed She-Hulk wanted to wish you . . . Well they wanted you to notice them at least.


Gimp Eye thought if she covered the right eye with her hair, she'd be perfect. Maybe if she were an 18-year-old attending her first Hugh Hefner party. Did she really think that nothing said class like a dress that rode so high she was sporting ass?

And what's with the bacon collar? Did She-Hulk sew up that little number herself from a set of Oval Office curtains? After grabbing some tree ornaments for ear rings?

That anyone ever thought Michelle Obama might be classy or rival Jacqueline Kennedy just goes to show how few know what class actually is.

And then there's Barack. Wearing a new shade of lipstick, with a darker hair color (a rinse or permanent?) and lisping "willy" for "really," he will always provide the laughs.

It's laugh or cry, right?

So when a US president declares he has "no greater honor than serving" as Commander-in-Chief and democracy and the public just took a hit, just laugh. Just laugh and say, "Oh, that idiot Barack."

And when Michelle's shocked to discover that some families are single-parents . . . in the military, just shake your head and laugh and think, "Oh, Michelle, Sears has a whole inventory of madras plaid slip covers with your name on it."

And, click here, laugh especially as you notice how, from 1:20 and 1:40, Michelle has to be repeatedly reminded to smile. For the bulk of the 'message,' she and Barry just purse their lips and wonder why some see snobbery in the class-free White House.


This piece written by Rebecca, Betty, Stan, Ty and Marcia.
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