Sunday, December 12, 2010

Editorial: Look who's back

Why did the Iraq War start? Not the reasons for it, but the start? Because people thought they could get away with it. People thought they could lie and they could fool and they could trick and that they were more important than Iraqis and that anyone damaged or harmed was a mere sacrifice to a higher truth and purpose.

That should disgust you. It disgusts as well.

And it reminds us of . . . some people on the left.

The 2008 crowd is out and about, those liars who whored for Barack and attacked Hillary with sexism. They're back.

Not with an apology.

a barack

True, even they have to admit Barack's a disappointment (try War Criminal).

But they don't know how to apologize, they don't even how to admit they were wrong.

Mainly because they don't think they were wrong. The lies that told about Hillary? Their attitude, to this day, is "too bad" and a shrug. They think their lies are justified -- pay attention -- due to a higher truth and purpose.

They're no different from the neocons. They're just liars in a different shade of fabric.

The Reality Based Community was never going to exist on the left once a Democrat was in the White House.

What you've seen in the last two years should make you question a good number of alleged leaders and thinkers.

They have done serious damage to the peace movement, they now ignore Iraq completely and they demonstrated last week that they still expected people to believe their lies.

Their deceit remains the biggest threat to the left.
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