Sunday, November 21, 2010

Truest statement of the week II

Leafletting for [Howie] Hawkins and the Green Party slate in NYC I was dismayed at how many passersby simply shook their heads at me and scolded, "They can't win!!! Why vote for the party that can't win?" As if I were INSANE to suggest it. To some, not many, who paused long enough, I stammered out something like, "But they can't win because you think the next guy won't vote for them, so then you won't vote for them, BUT if you vote for them out of principle, because they are the party of integrity, forget the next guy, and if he forgets about you and votes for them, then they CAN win. The non-corporate-captured party CAN WIN!!!! It SHOULD win!!!!" Whew.

-- Libbyliberal, "The Green Party is No Longer the Alternative, the Green Party is the IMPERATIVE (Govt. of the People NOT the Corporate Pimps!)" (Corrente).
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