Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blame Hillary

It's 2008 all over again, if you haven't noticed. As the Cult of St. Barack realizes that the illegal war isn't ending and as diplomacy there is being militarized, it's time for them to vent their fear of the vagina and yet again blame Hillary Clinton.

Let's set aside reality for just a moment and pretend Hillary will be over 'an army' in Iraq. If that's true (it's not true), why would there be anger at Hillary? If Barack was putting Hillary in charge of such an apparatus, the anger should be aimed at him.

Or have we all forgotten the Christ-child's fabled 'superior sense of judgment.' You know, the super power which allows him to, after the fact, know what should have been done? Some call it Monday morning quarterbacking, others call it Barack Obama's glorious know-how.

And remember how in campaign appearance after campaign appearance and debate after debate, he declared himself right on Iraq and Hillary wrong? Have you forgotten that?

If Hillary were being put in charge of Iraq, it would be the biggest slap in the face to Barack Obama's primary supporters you could imagine. They'd elected to vote for him and not Hillary due to the Iraq War and, yet, she's being placed (by him) in charge of the Iraq War?

It's not happening but, if it were, the Cult of St. Barack should be storming the barricades and issuing cries of, "Barry, how could you!!!!"

Here's reality. The plan Samantha Power tried to sell the United Nations on after she achieved bits of semi-fame for something other than sporting the worst bleach job in the history of gas bags? It never flew. The United Nations -- which does have peace keeping forces -- knew the difference between diplomacy and what Power was preaching.

Samantha Power

Some people, when shot down, realize the errors of their ways. Others squirrel away their plans for nuclear winter when they can trot them out again. Sammy Power was already in a seduction dance with Barry O before he was elected to the US Senate. She's sort of the Angela Landsbury character in this modern day Manchurian Candidate tale.

And Barack was never opposed to the Iraq War. He was opposed to "dumb wars." He gave a speech, before the war began, to a tiny group of people saying he was pro-war and that he only opposed dumb wars. He was then labeling the Iraq War a "dumb war." But in 2004, he was telling The New York Times that, if he had been in the US Senate in 2002, he would have voted for the authorization. The allegedly anti-war senator came into Congress and went on to repeatedly vote to fund the Iraq War over and over.

Barack was never anti-war. He didn't require a hard sell to get on board with Power's plan. The plan she floated to the UN was that diplomats would also oversee small military forces. No one took her seriously (except for the MSM press, few ever take Samantha Power seriously). But War Hawk Barack (forever carrying some shame over media portrayals of Vietnam) like Power's plan. It would allow, she explained, the US to maintain a military in Iraq without having to keep the military there.

It's the sort of 'compromise' that strikes Barack as 'bi-partisan' and something the Gipper would do. So he was all over it and that's why he refused to (a) to pledge all US troops would be out of Iraq by the end of his first term while insisting that he would have combat troops out within 16 months (or 10 months as he later changed it to) of his being sworn in.

Samantha Power was a devoted supporter and her devotion was due to be paid off. Amy Goodman was raving about her live on WBAI during pledge week, and the possibility of Samantha Power being the next Secretary of State. (Amy got a little too close to the powerful, didn't she? She who used to ridicule Lesley Stahl for being friends with Richard Holbrooke.) And, from the State Department, Power and Barack were sure, Samantha would be overseeing the militarization of diplomacy.

But Samantha Power's biggest liability has always been her own big mouth and her inability to self-censor. She would have been the first Secretary of State to suffer from Tourette Syndrome. Drinking a bit too much, Power blabbed a little more than usual. She called Hillary a "monster" and worse and as that scandal was brewing, she resigned from the campaign explaining to Barack that she'd also given an interview to the BBC where she was a little too honest about his 'campaign pledge.'

The resignation was quickly accepted to remove Barack from any questions about the BBC interview. But while that was the most damaging to Barack, the "monster" comment was what killed her chances at Secretary of State -- an office that requires a level of diplomacy and tact.

That wasn't a problem for the Power plan. It could still be implemented. They'd just remove Iraq from the Secretary of State's task list. And this was done long before Hillary was ever nominated for the post.

Power couldn't be made Secretary of State but she could get on President Barack's National Security Council -- could and did. Which jibed with their plans to task Iraq as a national security issue. (How in the world is Iraq a US national security issue? In the cracked mind of Samantha Power, it's one.)

Power's been beating the War Drums forever. This is the woman who popularized the "Out of Iraq and Into Darfur!" slogan. And yet some fools (Davey D, Amy Goodman, et al) rushed to prop the War Whore up. Just as, today, the Cult of St. Barack lashes out at Hillary to avoid calling out their Christ-child.

They deny the realities about Barack repeatedly. They kid themselves that they can reach him (via fan letters?) and intentionally overlook that he doesn't give a whit about civilian deaths. If he had, he never would have stuck with Sammy Power as an advisor. War Hawks of a feather, flock together.
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