Sunday, July 11, 2010

Barry's Geriatric 'Progs'


Progressives for Barack
couldn't, of course, have called themselves "Democrats for Obama" -- not with Carl Davidson, Barbara Ehrenreich, Bill Fletcher and other whores signing on. More recently, they changed thier names to Progressive America Rising and they're now leaving Blogspot and moving to a new address. As they try to rewrite history, we thought we'd take a moment to comment on the Original Barack Whores.

These Socialists and Communists garbed themselves in "progressive" and then wanted to whine that people were noting their affiliations. As if it was at all strange to note the actual politics of people making political endorsements?

Bill Fletcher, of course, while whining "McCarthyism" (no, he's not really that stupid, he is that crafty and that much of a liar), went on CounterSpin in the summer of 2008 to mock Democrats. So you might wonder why the hell he was making an endorsement to begin with?

But if you ever start to think these ineffectual losers make any sense, you'll be lost in analysis that never pays off.

There is no foundation. There is no logic. As with their earlier cohorts, they take marching orders and spin on a dime from position to position. They have no fixed principles, let alone ethics. And, before they move, it's worth noting just what hypocrites they were and remain.

Like Tom Hayden (Tom, Bill, Barbara and Carl are the endorsers -- think of them as a geriatric Mod Squad plus one because having an equal number of women or people of color frightens this crowd), they all grandstanded on the Iraq War during the Bush years. And these days?

They last addressed it in February of this year with the laughable "Obama Pressed by US 'Long Warriors'." In fact, that b.s. article defines their purpose these days. Sixty years earlier, they would have been on board with the pressures "Uncle Joe" (Stalin) was under. These days, they hurry and worry to excuse the actions of Barack. Same whoring, different pimp.

In fairness to the whores, there are a lot of issues and you can't cover them all . . . especially when you don't 'write' very often. For example, these 'committed' activists posted 6 articles in January, nearly broke their necks managing to post seven articles in February, caught their breath in March and April with three articles each month, dropped to two for May and June and are currently at one for the month of July.

'Write'? The latest piece they've 'written' is Katrina Vanden Heuvel's "A Defining Vote on Afghanistan." From The Nation magazine. Which they post in full. Remember that, kids, if you have a website, repost articles from The Nation in full -- it's a-okay with the mag!

Their links are largely out of date -- in one they promote Tom Hayden's 'new' book on Iraq (2006) -- and we traveled through some of them and arrived at their MySpace page which revealed a number of things.


Starting with, Carl Davidson should not be allowed to dress himself. (Doesn't he look like Rip Torn in Happy Tears?). Then we noticed that this prime 'mover & shaker' only had 18 MySpace friends. Then we noticed that they all appeared to be White Anglo. Guess the reach out Carl's always insisting will (someday) come hasn't come yet.

In search of other laughs, we headed over to Progressivesforobama Forum. First thing we noticed was that Carl Davidson's the moderator here as well. Not surprising. It's not as if Carl has a real job. The topic list included "Iraq and The Antiwar Movement," so that's where we started.

And couldn't stop laughing.


"2 years, 3 months" ago Carl posted "Obama's Latest Stump Against Iraq War" and "2 years, 3 months" ago Carl posted "Obama's October 2202 Speech vs Iraq War - Full Text" and . . .

We can't say, that's it.

There is, you see, one more post. And it's actually from this year! "6 months, 3 weeks" ago "nikedde" posted this "Cheap Sell Lacoste ED Hardy Polo LV D&G Puma Gucci Max Shoes." Clearly that is the "Iraq and The Antiwar Movement" topic Carl can actually grasp.

Pathetic, useless and filled with posers (many of whom hide in political closets), there's no reason to ever again make the mistake of listening to any of these losers when it comes to who you should vote for. They've done their damage, they need to own it.
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