Sunday, September 20, 2009

Raed Jarrar tries to 'correct' Ava and C.I. (Dona)


Week after week, Ava and C.I.'s TV commentaries get the most e-mail responses and from the most interesting of people. Take last week's "TV: The Suckers" which included these paragraphs on the Status Of Forces Agreement (a treaty the White House negotiated with Nouri al-Maliki):

If the contract means the US leaves (that's not what it means) then why even talk about the possibility that increasing violence might result in the US remaining in Iraq? If the contract means the US leaves, that's what the contract means. But that's not what it means and the public has been repeatedly lied to about this.
And liars and fools like Tom Hayden are the problem. Barack's been hailed as a man of peace. Really? His Iraq 'plan' is not what he promised in those crowd pleasing campaign speeches. Ten months, he said in Houston, Texas in February 2008, ten months after being sworn in, US troops would be out of Iraq! It's nine months after he was sworn in. Over 130,000 US troops remain on the ground in Iraq.
And his 'plan' that Nancy and Bill and so many others discuss? That's Bush's plan.
Now what the treaty (Status Of Forces Agreement) does is what it was meant to, ease heat in the US over the illegal war. It's done that. It's led to so many fools and liars proclaiming the Iraq War over or almost over: Tom Hayden, CODESTINK, Raed Jarrar, throw a dart at the fringe radical and you'll draw blood from a fool swearing the Iraq War is over or about to be.

Fairly straight forward.

Among the many e-mails that article resulted in was the following:

From: Raed Jarrar
Subject: US Iraqi agreement
Date: Sunday, September 13, 2009, 6:31 PM

I think you've misunderstood my position on the security agreement. I
don't think the war is over, and I'm working full time to push for
congressional oversight/ratification of the agreement.

Ava and C.I. misunderstood Raed Jarrar's position? Oh, it's so very cute when those who whored it for Barack try to now pretend otherwise. On Tuesday, I saw the e-mail and replied as follows:

Ava and C.I.'s fan mail is far too great for them to reply to or even read.
I will pass on to Ava and C.I. that you read them. They always write our most popular features and Ty and I make a point to summarize the e-mails to them. The
Joni & Cass feature is neck and neck with the Vampire Diaries article that you're writing of. Most of the fan mail on the latter has emphasized the Grant Goodeve section. If you're writing to inquire of that, they didn't make up Rose McGowan's line -- Kevin Williamson actually wrote that and a full scene where Tatum goes into discussing his possible eight inches.

If your writing because you feel your position is misunderstood, it might have something to do with the counter you have on your site giving the impression the Iraq War is ending.

And, strangely, Raed never wrote to dispute the point. Of course he didn't. The illustration at the top of this article and below is Raed Jarrar's site. That "839 days to go"? That's his countdown for the 'end' of the Iraq War which, he has repeatedly lied, will take place at the end of 2011. He makes that call based on . . . the Status Of Forces Agreement. Ava and C.I. were correct.

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