Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shame on Dennis Loo

At the end of 2003's The In-Laws, the only gay character in the film, a villain (big surprise), is hauled off by the police. Albert Brooks' character watches and declares, "You know something, he might actually like prison." To which Michael Douglas' character replies, "Like it? He's going to love it." Because, apparently, for a gay man, what's not to love about prison?

It was offensive and homophobic in a film that already had enough homophobic problems despite or maybe because it was directed by one of the few openly gay directors working on studio films today, Andrew Fleming. He should have known better. He damn well should have known better but too often he spends all his time rubbing elbows with the straight community and assuring them that it's a-okay to laugh at gay people because, just the fact that they're gay, is so damn funny. Yeah, it's very Uncle Tom-ish of Andrew Fleming.

And we bring it up because of Ruth's "Elizabeth Esser-Stuart" Friday night. It was barely up before Dennis Loo felt the need to 'correct' Ruth in an e-mail.

Ruth was actually being nice in her post when she wrote the following:

A number of e-mails are coming in asking about World Can't Wait?

Mike usually highlights it several times a week and the rest of us highlight it as well but not like Mike who may do it five times a week. Now? Nothing.

Dennis Loo went off on a tear last week and has continued it twice this week.

We are not interested.

We are not interested in attacking people we disagree with who are fellow citizens. We are not interested in all the insults for American citizens that Dennis Loo can dream up.

We are just not interested.

We like the work World Can't Wait does. But we were all together last week as well as this week so when the issue was raised we could debate it. The consensus was that while Mr. Loo is screaming and attacking American citizens, we are not interested.

He can go after politicians or the media.

But, after awhile, the person repeatedly screaming "STUPID!" at everyone is generally the one whom most people think is stupid.

I don't dislike Mr. Loo but I am not interested in his non-stop attacks.

Ruth was being nice. When we all discussed this (Ava and C.I. weren't present they were speaking about Iraq), that was only one of the issues why we were all DAMN SICK of Dennis Loo.

It's real cute to watch Dennis Loo call everyone "racist" if they oppose Barack's big money give-away to Big Pharma and the Insurance Corporations (Crooks), it's real cute to watch because when he does that and he's fond of trotting out homophobia.


If Dennis Loo bothered to read Bob Somerby in the last six weeks, he would come off a lot smarter. At The Daily Howler, Somerby has repeatedly explained that when you insult people, they're not going to (big surprise) listen to you. When you insult them, you drive them away. So if you're trying to persuade someone, the first thing you need to do is stop the insults unless your whole purpose is just to continue preaching to the same tiny choir.

But there's Loo screaming racist at anyone who disagrees with him, calling everyone opposed to ObamaInsuranceCare stupid, just insulting left and right. Even more so in his e-mail where he uses the word "reactionary" to describe his political opponents but never grasps what a reactionary he himself is.

Most of all, he doesn't grasp how offensive he's become.

Like many a knee-jerk reactionary, he gets his marching orders from TV. Being on the left, he goes to his own version of Fox "News," MSNBC "News." And it was there that he fell under the spell of self-loathing lesbian Rachel Maddow. Rachel Maddow uses the term "tea baggers." It's an insulting term and it's a homophobic one.

The little exchange between the characters played by Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks in The In-Laws is no less homophobic because openly gay Andrew Fleming directed the film.

Using a gay sexual practice (tea bagging) as a term to vilify your opponents is no less homophobic because Rachel Maddow used the term. In fact, it's actually more homophobic because Maddow used it. You're calling your enemies either gay or saying they resort to gay male sex practicies.

See Rachel Maddow will never tea bag, Rachel Maddow will never be near cock and balls. So your hopes that the little self-loathing lesbian is your out on homophobia?

Not going to play.

Not going to play one damn bit.

We're not highlighting anyone else who uses "tea bagger." At any community site. We're sick of it. It's homophobia. And shame on Dennis Loo for encouraging people to laugh at gay men -- from the left, of course. Shame on him.
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