Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Dumb Ass Hour every Saturday morning

Creep Welch was back to her usual wasting of public broadcasting time, offering 'conventional wisdom' as fact. It was hilarious to listen to her bumper music and shout outs to the NAACP (after wrongly calling them the ACLU) and her moaning with a guest that California's electorate was "too White" when Creep Welch was White herself, when in fact, every guest that Creep had on for the hour was White.

Kris Welch

Bray McGovern, ex-CIA agent, CIA apologist, and Barack Obama's sexual plaything, was, well braying. Bray insisted that by not releasing the torture photos, Obama was ensuring the photos would be released. "I'm not sure they give a hoot," Bray said with fingers pressed to his temples as he mind read Barack.

Ending his seance, Bray explained that of course the torture photos will come out but "the court will take the flack, he won't have to take the flack."

Bray was gasping for air at this point and Creep tossed him a hand towel he could use as a cum rag. Panting and in need of a nap, Bray gasped, "Obama really expects a lot from us."

Apparently including racism because Bray was referring to the Japanese as "Japs."

Bray also made time to rip into Eric Holder, the Attorney General. He likened the African-American to Colin Powell and stated, "They made it and now they're going to trim their sails politically" to ensure they stay on top. But isn't Holder Barry's attorney general? Was Bray braying that Obama didn't bring Holder into his multi-dimensional chess game? Doesn't Holder do what Obama tells him?

Earlier Creep Welch had referred to the "mythic" times in Iran and she certainly provided myths and lies via guest Kaveh Ehsani who declared, "What Kahmenei said yesterday -- which is -- has basically broken a pact and has brought about a fundamental transformation in the polity of the Islamic Republic is that he openly and unambiguously took sides. He said that, 'This is -- Ahmadinejad is my man, I am, you know, I am -- my position is close to him.' And acknowledging that 40 million people had voted and the fact that obviously the majority of the population realizes that these elections and these elections have been fraudulent. He took an opinion against popular opinion, basically saying that 'I don't care about popular opinion, what really matters is my own position and what I am saying.' So this is the end of the kind of relative pluralism of the Iranian Republic as we know it."

[Reality at WSWS and Times of India.]

Truth would be someone informing Creep Welch that after forty years and counting on KPFA, her voice has deepened and it was probably never cute for her to try to make points in a little girl voice; however, today it is as creepy as Bette Davis' character singing in Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?

Just as Creepy as Welch allowing a guest to say "Japs" on air without calling it out.

The ghosts of thousands of Japanese-Americans who were interned during WWII are rising all over California and will haunt Creep Welch until her dying day.
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