Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chris Hill breaks his first promise


Chris Hill is the new US Ambassador to Iraq. At his March hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, it was stated that Hill, upon being confirmed, would leave immediately for Iraq.

John Kerry chaired that committee hearing March 25th, and Kerry declared Hill had stated he would leave for Iraq "within a day of his Senate confirmation."

Tuesday Chris Hill was confirmed as US Ambassador to Iraq. AP reported Friday that the ambassador had arrived in Baghdad. "Within a day of his Senate confirmation"?

Three days after.

He's already breaking promises.

John Kerry: "The committee will move to quickly discharge Ambassador Hill, who has committed to depart for Iraq within a day of his Senate confirmation."

We now know what Chris Hill's word is worth. Make a note of it. He is, as Isaiah dubbed him, "The Pig-Pen Ambassador."

The Pig-Pen Ambassador
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