Sunday, March 08, 2009

Editorial: Ms. magazine gets punked

Help us out, what was Ms. magazine saying mere weeks ago?

Ms. Pathetic

Oh, yes, that's right. They were saying that Barack was a feminist. They were lying, actually, that Barack was a feminist.

We were reminded of that this morning while catching The Today Show and hearing David Gregory explain to Lester Holt (celebrating his 50th birthday today) that Barack thought what was done in Iraq could be done in Afghanistan, that 'moderate' Taliban members could be put on the US payroll and relied on.

What Gregory was referring to was the "Awakening" Councils in Iraq. In Iraq, Shi'ite thugs were put in charge by the US and then Sunni thugs ("Awakenings") were put on the US payroll. Gregory was referencing The New York Times article by Helene Cooper and Sheryl Gay Stolberg where Barack "opened the door to a reconciliation process in which the American military would reach out to moderate elements of the Taliban, much as it did with Sunni militias in Iraq."

Barack is what feminism looks like, Ms. magazine?

Identify the source for the following paragraph:

In 1996, when the Taliban took over Afghanistan by force, women were beaten and stoned to death for teaching girls to read or failing to conceal every inch of their bodies beneath the shroudlike burqa. If the pleas of refugee and underground Afghan women had been listened to -- or if women listening here had more influence over foreign policy -- Americans would not have been caught unaware by the Taliban and terrorist network they sheltered.

The source? That's Gloria Steinem. Who is the source for this one?

The Feminist Majority Foundation's ongoing Campaign to Stop Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan, which began in 1987, has taught us many valuable lessons about the role of the women's movement in global affairs. First, women's voices will be heard in international relations if we are organized and persistent. When we began our campaign, we were told that we would not be able to organize a grassroots movement on an issue involving women in a remote land so far away. The argument was that the public simply did not care. We proved that women do care, that they can be mobilized, and that indeed they must be mobilized. Our campaign generated more mail and e-mail to the U.S. Department and Clinton administration than any other foreign policy issue during this period and I believe in large measure resulted in the change of U.S. foreign policy to nonrecognition of the Taliban.

That's Eleanor Smeal. They are among the women contributing essays to 2002's Women For Afghan Women. (Sunita Mehta is the editor.) Hey, Ellie, hey, Glo, help us out here, a feminist looks like Barack and Barack floats the idea that the US should hold hands with the Taliban. Therefore . . .

The feminist thing to do is to hold hands with the Taliban!

Ellie, do we need to wear burqas to really get on board with Barry OBam-Bam? Glo, should we encourage all American women to drop out of schools and colleges since the Taliban is a feminist organization and since the Taliban does not condone the education of women?

Remind us again, gals, that Barry is what a feminist looks like.

Your words.

Are you choking on them right now? Oh, that's too bad, isn't it?

Too bad for you. Too bad that you whored out Ms. magazine for a man. Too bad that you attempted to use your positions to whore our feminism for a man. Too damn bad, girls.

Too. Damn. Bad.

There is nothing feminist about Barack. This is the man who put dreams of his deadbeat father to paper while ignoring the single mother who birthed him and raised him for the bulk of his childhood. This is the man who showed no emotion when speaking of his mother's death and appeared to only speak of it because Hillary was proposing more money to find a cure for breast cancer -- so there was Barry tossing out uh uh uh my mother uhm she died of cancer.

This is the man who stated to a packed crowd that Michelle could just sit there and look pretty because "that's okay with me." This is the man who actively used sexism to attack Hillary. It wasn't just his campaign, it was him. "Periodically feeling blue."

Barack is not a feminist.

And you sold out American women to pimp that lie. Well American women will recover. But will the women of Afghanistan?

Already betrayed, already suffering, and now Barry wants to hold hands with the Taliban?

It's past time that the illegal Afghan War ended and the fact that Barry wants to hold hands just underscores that there are no possibilities of 'victory' (and that the US is desperate for the pipeline). The fact that feminist leaders were willing to hold hands with him means they might need to examine their own sexual histories because, like a sexual disease, cowardice is transmittable. Hey, Ms. magazine, we believe this is what punked looks like, how proud you must be.
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