Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sadder Sirota

In addition to that reality, the attacks on Cindy shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone paying attention in March of 2007. That's when it was obvious that the Congressional Democratic leadership was selling out the voters. And that's when Pelosi's enforcer David Obey threw an abusive and public tantrum captured on video. Instead of calling out Obey, many (such as David Sirota) rushed in to defend Obey. The woman he attacked was Tina Richards and wasn't it cute the way she was either left undefended or attacked by our so-called 'left' media? It's really hard for people to even pretend you're 'independent' media when you rush to defend Obey and his tantrum while piling on the mother of wounded Iraq veteran Cloy Richards whose 'crime' was trying to get the medical attention her son was owed. It was a disgraceful moment for independent media and a lot of people would like to pretend it didn't happen.

That's from C.I.'s "2007: The Year of Living Useless (Year in Review)" and we were reminded of it this week when the ever lame David Sirota and his spastic computer colon spat out nonsense non-stop.

Where are you?

First up (no links to s**t), Davey wanted to call out Barack. The response to that was less than Davey had hoped. Sad Sirota thought finally calling out the Corporatist War Hawk Barack would help him (Sirota) polish up his increasingly lack luster cred. But that's not what happened. Instead he received comments and e-mails telling him it was too late -- baby. He'd pimped for Barack like crazy. He'd lied about Hillary non-stop. And no one was in the mood for his play-act-progressive production.

So then it was time for Davey to show up squeezing out a lot of f**k yous over and over and over. Sirota, who one would think received more than his share of Fs, wanted to hand them out to Hillary supporters, Ralph Nader supporters and on and on. Ralph Nader supporters, he insisted, should get to work on building that third party.


No, David Sirota doesn't feel the need to be informed before weighing in. Ralph Nader was the independent presidential candidate. He was not running (nationally) on a party ticket. Sirota's confused Ralph with Cynthia McKinney who ran on the Green Party ticket and repeatedly stated her presidential run was about building up that third party.

But she's a woman and Davey always hits the pisser when a woman speaks so we can't expect him to listen to her or any of the others who make up over half the country's population.

His ignorance and hatred continued to be exposed all week and, near the end of it, he was accusing people who called him out on his crap "stalkers." Writing what a useless piece of crap David Sirota is will result in a charge of 'stalker.'


Because David Sirota is the male Joan Crawford since Michael Douglas stopped making those films where he was the victims of . . . sexual harassment (Disclosure) . . . violent ex-lovers (Fatal Attraction), etc. And David Sirota is bound and determined to see himself as the victim and will intentionally molest the term "stalker" in order to use it.

Responding to someone's bad writing does not make one a "stalker," not even a "cyber stalker." David Sirota's education, such as it was, failed him. The term is "critic."

David Sirota is not a journalist. He is a Congressional flunky who fancies himself a writer demonstrating that just as he distorted the term "stalker," so too has he distorted the term "writer."

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