Sunday, February 01, 2009

Hypocrisy Corrente Style

Chicago Dyke decided last week to post "On the Evolution of 'Blogroll Amnesty Day'." In it, she asks for 'linky goodness' among the online world -- play nice and be kind.

For those just getting in and still taking off their coats, in brief, the great purge was called "Blogroll Amnesty." It's when the authoritarians who saw themselves as leaders (you know who they are) decided that others might be getting too popular and wanted to ditch them from their blogrolls. So the small and petty ditched numerous blogs in the so-called Blogroll Amnesty.

Chicago Dyke links to Jon Swift and Blue Gal for more details and then closes with these thoughts, "It's better to be right, than popular. FWIW, Corrente stayed on many people's blogrolls after the Great Culling. I chalk that up to the quality of our content, which no matter how much it may annoy, is still valuable."

Now to be clear, the purge was purging sites from blogrolls. To be clear, Chicago Dyke thinks it's wonderful that "Corrente stayed on many people's blogrolls".

To be clear, Lambert read the post and left comments on it. So did other people. Here's part of a comment lizpolaris leaves: "Apparently, he decided that not only was his blog way too cool for certain ordinary mortals to be listed there, his blog was SO cool that he could redefine English!"

Atrios did that? Atrios decided his site was "way too cool for certain ordinary mortals to be listed there"?

Oh, did he?

And Corrente?

Chicago Dyke probably didn't know but Lambert does know.

Corrente has no blogroll.

It had one.

For years, it had one. It had one at Blogspot and it had one when it switched over to it's new site and it's had one through all the upgrades until the one this summer. Since then, for months, Correnet has had no blogroll.

An oversight?

A glitch that just happened?

Since at least January 9th, Lambert's been aware there's no blogroll. Since at least then. He admits that in an e-mail ("Woopsie") entitled "Re: Where is Corrente's blogroll." [E-mail correspondence was forwarded to Third.]

It's January 31st. Chicago Dyke did her post January 30th.

The whole point of the post is, "It was so awful for Atrios and the others to eliminate bloggers from their blogrolls."

Which finger points back at Corrente because weeks before that post went up, Lambert knew that there was no blogroll at Corrente "Whoopise!"

Chicago Dyke wants to decry what Atrois did which is the same thing Lambert's done.

January 9th was twenty-two days ago.

It's not as if he's sent out an e-mail to all the websites asked to link to Corrente (disclosure, C.I. was asked to link to Corrent when it was on Blogspot and again when it switched to its new site) apologizing or even acknowledging what he'd done. If it was an accident (and it may have been), he's been in no hurry to correct it.

And maybe he should explain what happened because Chicago Dyke's post makes her come off like a moron as she goes on about the evil world outside Corrente and how, ha, ha, at least we managed to keep our links -- "without giving out to others!" is supplied by the readers. (Repeating, we don't believe Chicago Dyke is aware that Corrente's blogroll is no more. Were she aware of that, she'd have to really be trying to invite ridicule to have written the post she did.)
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